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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 76486362, Entry date: 07/18/2013

Hotfix for MCIS TPM SW Version, June 2013

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The Hotfix is an update for the MCIS TPM Software Version (or later).


Changes included in SW compared to SW

  • The traffic light is updated when the connection to the database is interrupted
  • The problems arising when changing the current user TPM have been eliminated with TPMCfg
  • The component designation may comprise more than 40 characters (maximally 255 characters)

  • A message is output when the TPM cannot establish a database connection and is terminated

  • The password is changed in the login dialog

  • Problems occur when activating the alarm server with TPM IFC

  • Problems occur when executing the function Copy activity under the TPM interface Cell/HMI

  • The function Delete / archive completed activity is not correctly executed

  • Various screen fields have been enlarged on account of the foreign languages

  • Plant image as start screen

  • Following a longer plant standstill, the traffic light status and the display are not correct


The originally announced Hotfix 4 is skipped because a customer-specific release has been issued.

The installation is not mandatory and necessary only if required.

We would like to draw your attention once more to the announced discontinuation of TPM (63949443)

This product version will no longer be updated !

Installation requirements

This software may only be installed on MCIS TPM SW (or higher). On PCUs, HMI-Adv V06.04.32.08 (or higher) must be installed.

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