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What is the meaning of the error codes (xxxx:yyyy) in STEP 7?

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In some cases in STEP 7 you are presented with warnings, notes and error messages with an error code (xxxx:yyyy).
The following table shows you the most important error codes, their meanings and possible remedies.

STEP7_ErrorCode_e.pdf ( 107 KB )  

More information is available in the STEP 7 Online Help. When the error code is displayed, click the "Help" button for information about how to remedy the error indicated by the error code. If you need more information about an error code, "13:4468", for example, click the "Index" button. In the "Help Topics: Help on Messages" dialog below you are presented with a list of all the codes in group "13:" . To find a remedy for the error indicated by error code "13:121", for example, mark the code "121" in the list and click "Display".

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