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How do you restore defective license keys and authorizations?

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Get in touch with Technical Support if your license key or authorization is defective.

Before get in touch with Technical Support for license keysand authorizations, make sure that you have the following information at hand:

  • Article number (see the Certificate of License or data medium designation)
  • Photo or scan of the Certificate of Licenseor of the original data of the lost license key

To get in touch with Technical Support you have to make a Support Request. Proceed as follows for this:

  1. Click this link Technical Support to get to the home page of Technical Support.
  2. Read the information (Fig. 1) under "The most important features at a glance" and click "Support Request".

    Fig. 1

  3. In the dialog that opens you enter the product designation "Automation License Manager" and click "Search".
  4. As product you select "License Key" and enable "Problem with SIMATIC authorization/license" and click "Next".

    Fig. 2

  5. As shown in Fig. 3, you enter a keyword (Defect, for example) that best describes your problem and click "Next".

    Fig. 3

  6. Depending on your selection of product and keyword, the next page presents you with links to entries that might help solve your problem. Otherwise click "Next".

    Fig. 4

  7. You have to be logged in in order to create a Support Request. Enter your login and password.
  8. Now create your Support Request. Fill in the mandatory fields (marked with *) and describe your problem in the "Details" field.
  9. Then click "Next" and follow the screen instructions.

    Fig. 5

To avoid unnecessary waiting times for you and Technical Support we recommend that you download the repair request form (see Download), fill it in and attach it to your Support Request. For this you use the "Browse" function (Fig. 5) and download the filled-in form as a ZIP file.

It might be possible to repair a defective license key or defective authorization. Use the menu command

  • "License Key > Restore Wizard..." in the ALM (Automation License Manager)
  • "Authorization > Restore" in AuthorsW

to restore defective license keys or defective authorizations. It is only possible to use this function in agreement with Technical Support. Normally you do not need this function.
You will be in contact over the phone with the licensing hotline during the entire recovery procedure.

Technical Support then gives you an activation code:

  • Enter this activation code and confirm with OK to execute the "Recover" function or
  • Click Cancel if the license key is not to be recovered.

Copy the PDF file into a separate directory. Then you can open and process the PDF document.

772175_authrep_en.pdf (9.6 KB)

Further Information
In Entry ID: 114358you can download the latest handling program for authorizing or licensing SIMATIC Industry Software.

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