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How can you recover defective licenses and authorizations?

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If a license key or authorization is defective, please refer to your hotline for licenses and authorizations:

 Telephone Fax Link/E-mail 
 Europe/Africa +49 (0) 911 895 7222 +49 (0) 911 895 7223 Support Request
 America Toll Free:
+ 1 800 333-7421
Outside USA:
+1 423-262-2522

+1 6782978316

 Support Request
 Asia/Australia +86 10 64 757575 +86 10 64 747474 support.asia.automation@siemens.com

It might be possible to repair a defective license key or defective authorization. Use the menu command

  • "License Key > Recover" in the ALM (Automation License Manager)
  • "Authorization > Recover" in AuthorsW

to recover defective license keys and authorizations respectively. It is only possible to use this function in agreement with Customer Support. Normally you do not need this function.
You will be in contact over the phone with the licensing hotline during the entire recovery procedure.

Please have the following information at hand when you call Customer Support:

For a defective license / authorization

  1. Order number (see Certificate of License or Data Medium Designation)
  2. Licensing: name of the license key
  3. Request code: the code that must be given to the licensing hotline

The hotline then gives you an activation code

  • Enter this activation code and acknowledge with OK to execute the "Recover" function or
  • Click on Cancel if the license key is not to be recovered.

To save you and and our hotline unnecessary waiting times you can download the Repair Request Form, fill it in and send it to your hotline.
If you wish to download the latest authorization handling program, please refer to Entry ID: 114358 .

Repair Request Form

  AuthSuppB (52,0 KB)

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