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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 77490904, Entry date: 11/11/2014

SINAMICS G120/G120P, CU230P-2: Fans for Closed-Loop Control of Exhaust Air

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Application description for the scripted commissioning of a SINAMICS G120 for an Exhaust
Fans and ventilators for exhaust air are usually used to
  • suction dusts and smells from large-scale kitchens
  • suction smells from toilettes and washrooms
  • suction stale air from living rooms and offices
  • maintain a maximum air pressure in air-conditioned rooms with variable air volume
  • suction smoke in case of fire from public buildings (e.g. at railway stations or airports)

In standard operation depending on the control concept used, the volume flow (air) can be closed-loop controlled depending on the room temperature, the air pressure or the CO2 content in the room. With the function “Hibernate Mode” the converter will be switched off if it is not required for process reasons. With the function “Staging” further fans can be powered up by contactors if a higher volume flow is required. In manual mode a fixed fan speed can be adjusted via the motor potentiometer. Furthermore a fire operation can be selected. This mode will drive the fan in case of an emergency with an adjustable speed which is independent from the speed control. In addition to that in fire operation all faults which would not directly switch off the converter will be ignored. Concerning faults which would result in switch-off the converter will be switched on by its automatic restart function after acknowledging all faults.

Commissioning of SIMOTICS FD motors is not supported in this version.
When using load side components as output reactors, dv/dt filters and sinusoidal filters, necessary parameter changes have to be done additional.

for SINAMICS G120/G120P, CU230P-2 from FW V4.4
  Documentation (316,4 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig  STARTER Script (8,9 KB)

Last Changes
02/2014: Script and PDF revised for FW from V4.4
02/2017: Tested with Firmware V4.7 SP6 HF2 and STARTER V4.5.1.0

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