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Configuring the time synchronization for WinCC clients (WinCC Version < V6.0)

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How do you configure time synchronization for WinCC clients.


  1. Server-client project with non-redundant servers
The clients are synchronized over the system time of the servers. The requirement here is that the computers are in the same network. Configuring the time synchronization is done in four steps:
  • Install the "DCF77Client" tool on all clients that are to be synchronized.
    This software is on the WinCC CD (V4.02 and higher) under "Smart Tools > DCF77Client".
  • After installation start the tool via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > DCF77".
  • In the "Connection" field you must enter the server computer (time master).


  • In the Control Panel you must start the "DCF77 receive time signal service" service via the "Services" icon.


    Make sure that the same time zone is set on both computers.
  1. Server-client project with redundant servers
    Depending on how you have done the time synchronization between the two servers (see Entry ID 622814), you have two options:
  • A separate DCF77 receiver (hardware) is used on the client. This option can however only be used when each of the redundant servers also has a DCF77 receiver (hardware).

  • The time is provided as a project-wide variable on each server. This can then be read out by the client.

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