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How do you diagnose an S7-1200 CPU (with CP 1242-7) over the internet/GPRS network?

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Using the "TS Gateway" software supplied with the CP 1242-7 it is possible to diagnose or program an S7-1200 CPU remotely over the internet/GPRS network. For this the PG is connected to the internet over a DSL router. The S7-1200 CPU is connected to a CP 1242-7 that is logged on in the GPRS network.
The figure below shows the configuration for this FAQ response.
More sample configurations are available in the "TS Gateway" system manual in Entry ID 48548898.

Fig. 01

The file below contains the instructions for configuring this function and information about it.

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Configuration instructions ( 1332 KB )

You do not need the "Telecontrol Server Basic" software.
More information on the topic of teleservice using the "Telecontrol Server Basic" software is available in Entry ID 56720905.

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