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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 77907476, Entry date: 07/22/2013

SIVACON S4 field busbar unstepped – update

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In order to simplify the projection for unstepped field busbar we have standardized the configuration rules. From up to know there is a choice of only three basic configurations required. This step will simplify the configuration and reduce projection and assembly faults. The updated mounting instructions are delivered with the assembly kits from up to now.

Target market
Global, with the exception of Germany (= SIKUS 1600)
Product description
SIVACON S4 low-voltage power distribution boards up to 4000 A are designed for infrastructure applications in functional and industrial buildings for switching an protecting circuits and provide: - Cost-efficient design thanks to the combination of various installation systems - High level of flexibility thanks to innovative modular system - Easy change of door side through universal hinges - Adaptions to costumer-specific needs even in case of small order quanities - Central locking system guarantees a high level of safety thanks to locked fixed points of the doors

Other content
- Catalogue updated with new LV56 - Software update planned in 10-2013 - Service&Support Portal already updated


We recommend to follow up the new configuration rules for new projects. There is no need to change already assemblied switchgear systems. The new mounting instructions are already available on the Service&Support Portal for download:

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