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Installation and operation of WinCC in a Microsoft domain environment

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This tutorial shows you how to set up a domain server and add or remove domain clients to or from a domain. Furthermore, you will be shown how to install WinCC V7/V15 Professional on a domain client and what you have to consider during operation and installation.

The task
Complex IT infrastructure networks with domain controllers are used in many areas of industrial and manufacturing facilities.
A domain controller is a server used to centrally manage computers or users. In this way, a lot of time and effort is saved during operation and maintenance of the system.

WinCC V7/V15 Professional is to be used on a computer that is a member of a domain.

Due to the complex IT infrastructure networks in many areas of industrial and manufacturing plants, this configuration guide covers two main scenarios of installation and operation of WinCC V7/V15 Professional.

  • Installation on a computer already integrated in the domain.
  • Installation on a computer outside the domain with subsequent integration into the domain.


This application offers you the following advantages:

  • Low training effort for the domain installation of WinCC, thus low installation and configuration effort for implementing your own configuration.
  • Detailed description of the operation of WinCC V7/V15 Professional in one domain, thus fast build-up of know-how.
  • A manual for configuring the Windows operating system with recommended and tested settings for error-free commissioning and stable operation.

  Installation and Operation of WinCC in a Domain with Microsoft Server Operating System (2,2 MB)

Operation on network servers
It is not permitted to operate WinCC on network servers (e.g. domain controllers, file and name utility servers, routers, software firewalls, media servers, exchange servers, etc.).

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