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SINUMERIK 828D, 840D sl: CYCLE996 example part indexing table

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The task of the CYCLE996 measuring cycle is to simplify the procedure when determining geometrical vectors. The machine kinematics are defined by the geometrical vectors. For measurement purposes, a calibration sphere is mounted on the part indexing table. The principle of this measurement version is that three swivel positions of the calibration sphere are measured for each rotary axes using a probe. The axis vectors in this plane can be calculated from this data. The part indexing table (see Figure) has a rotary axis; as a consequence, only three swivel positions are required when making the measurement. The kinematics are automatically calculated immediately after the rotary axis vectors have been measured.

Advantages of this solution
The solution based on the CYCLE996 presented here has the following advantages:

  • Detailed knowledge about the mechanical system of the machine is not necessary
  • Measurement is realized without dimension drawings and design drawings of the machine
  • The swivel positions of the calibrations sphere do not have to be manually approached
  • Less time is required when determining the axis vectors, by up to one day


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