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How do you remotely access WinCC stations (WinCC V7 and WinCC Professional)?

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Below we provide the options available for remotely accessing WinCC stations.

You have the following options for remotely accessing WinCC stations:

  • VNC (Real VNC)
  • RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • pcAnywhere

VNC (WinCC V7 and WinCC Professional)

You must use the RealVNC software for remote access to the other computers of a distributed WinCC plant (WinCC Server, for example).
More information about using "RealVNC" on WinCC plants is available in Entry ID: 55422236.
Also refer to the compatibility information for the different versions in Entry ID: 64847781.

RDP (WinCC V7 and WinCC Professional)

Use of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is permitted exclusively for the teleservicing of WinCC Clients. In addition, there must be no server services enabled on those computers (WebNavigator Server, DataMonitor Server or OPC Server, for example).
The reason for this lies in the handling of Remote Desktop sessions by the Microsoft operating system Windows 7 and more recent operating systems. Older operating systems (prior to Windows 7) are not affected by this. 

Also refer to the compatibility information for the different versions in Entry ID: 64847781


  • If there was an RDP connection to a WinCC Station (WinCC V7 or WinCC Professional), you should subsequently restart the computer on which WinCC is installed. This applies both to the computer with WinCC Engineering software and with WinCC Runtime software. A Runtime restart is not enough.
  • Avoid downloading from the Engineering system to the Runtime system by RDP, because this might lead to the downloading process being aborted or Runtime being impaired among other things.
  • You should restrict configuring in the Engineering system via an RDP connection, because this has not been tested.  

Note for WinCC V7.4 and WinCC V7.5
In WinCC V7.4 and higher more Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) options are enabled. Information about this is available in the Online Help under the keyword "RDP".
Detailed information is available in the manual "WinCC V7.4: General Information and Installation" in the section entitled "Remote Access and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

pcAnywhere (only WinCC V7)

  • Unlike PCS 7, the pcAnywhere software is not supplied with WinCC.
  • The Host version of pcAnywhere must be installed on a WinCC station if that WinCC station is to be remote controlled by another PC station with pcAnywhere.
  • The other PC station that remote controls the WinCC station needs the Remote version of pcAnywhere for remote control. For this you need the full version of pcAnywhere.
    If you wish to use the full version of pcAnywhere from Symantec, then you have to procure the software.
  • The full version of pcAnywhere is not released on WinCC systems.

Make sure that you install pcAnywhere before WinCC.

The application example "WinCC Virtualization" in Entry ID: 49368181 shows you the options and limitations of virtualization.

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