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Description of the Firmware Update for SIMATIC ET 200SP

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During the lifetime of the module it may become necessary to update the firmware (e.g. for functional expansions).
Firmware files are used to update the firmware of CPUs, Interface Modules and I/O Modules. After completion of the firmware update the retentive data on the modules will be maintained.

Firmware update of I/O modules
On starting and during the firmware update the supply voltage L+ must be connected to the module.

Additional requirement for failsafe modules

Checking the firmware version for F permissibility

Before introducing a new firmware version you must check whether this firmware version is permitted for use in the relevant module.
The attachments to the certificate (ttp://support.automation.siemens.com/WW/view/de/
49368678/134200) for SIMATIC Safety list the permitted firmware versions.


Options for updating the firmware
The following options exist for a firmware update:

  • online via PROFINET IO/PROFIBUS DP (with STEP 7)
  • using a SIMATIC Memory Card (possible for CPUs and central I/O modules)
  • over the integrated web server (possible for CPUs and central as well as distributed I/O modules)

Firmware files of the CPU
If you perform an update of the CPU with STEP 7 the only option is with STEP 7 (TIA Portal V13 update 3 and higher).

The table below provides an overview of the media you can use for which module to perform a firmware update.

Table 1-1 Overview of the options for firmware updating

Firmware Update CPU Interface module I/O module
STEP 7 (TIA Portal V13 Update 3 and higher)
STEP 7 (TIA Portal) -
STEP 7 (V5.5 SP2 and higher) * -
SIMATIC Memory Card -
Web server of the CPU -

* If the firmware files are only available in this format, you can upload the files also via STEP 7 (TIA Portal), but not via a SIMATIC Memory Card and the web server.

Installing the firmware update

Impermissible plant states are possible

During the installation of the firmware update the CPU will enter STOP mode or the interface module enter the state station failure. STOP or station failure can have repercussions on the operation of an online process or a machine.

Unexpected running of a process or a machine can cause serious or lethal injuries and/or material damage.

Before proceeding with the installation of the firmware update make quite sure that the CPU or interface module is not executing an active process.


Procedure via STEP 7

To perform an online firmware update via STEP 7 please proceed as follows:

  1. Earmark the module in the device view.
  2. In the context menu select the command "Online & Diagnostics".
  3. In the folder "Functions" select the group "Firmware Update".
  4. Click the button "Browse" in "Firmware Update" to select the path to the firmware update files.
  5. Select a suitable firmware file. The table in "Firmware Update" lists all modules for which an update can be performed with the selected firmware update file.
  6. Click on the button "Start Updating". If the selected file can be interpreted by the module, the file will be uploaded to the module.

Firmware update
The option box "Activate firmware after update" is always activated.
After a successful upload the module will accept the firmware and continue working with the new firmware.

Please note
If the firmware update process is interrupted, you must remove the module from the rack and return it before attempting another firmware update.

Procedure using a SIMATIC Memory Card

To perform a firmware update using a SIMATIC Memory Card, please proceed as follows:

  1. Insert the SIMATIC Memory Card into the SD cardreader of your programming device / PC.
  2. To save the update file on the SIMATIC Memory Card first earmark the card in the project navigation under "Card Reader/USB-Memory".
  3. In the menu "Project" select the command "Card Reader/USB-Memory > Create Firmware Update Memory Card".
  4. Navigate to the firmware update file via the file selection dialog. In a second step you can decide whether you wish to delete the contents of the SIMATIC Memory Card, or add the firmware update files to the SIMATIC Memory Card.
  5. Insert the SIMATIC Memory Card with the firmware update files into the CPU.

During the firmware update
Please read the information concerning the firmware update in the documentation of the respective module.


  1. Remove any existing SIMATIC Memory Card.
  2. Insert the SIMATIC Memory Card with the firmware update files into the CPU.
  3. The firmware update process will begin shortly after having inserted the card.
  4. After completion of the firmware update remove the SIMATIC Memory Card.
    The RUN LED of the CPU will light yellow, the MAINT LED will flash yellow.

If you wish to later use the SIMATIC Memory Card as program card, you can delete the firmware update files manually.

If your hardware configuration contains several modules, the CPU will update all affected modules in the sequence in which they are in the rack, i.e. in ascending order of the module position in the device configuration in STEP 7.


Procedure via the web server

The procedure is described in the Function Manual Web Server (entry ID 59193560).


Behavior during the firmware update

Please note the following behavior of the respective I/O module during the firmware update:

  • The LED display DIAG flashes red
  • The current diagnostic status of the I/O module will be maintained.
  • Diagnostic message: Channel temporarily not available (error code 31D)
  • The outputs of the I/O module carry no voltage or current.


After the firmware update:

After the firmware update please check the firmware version of the module for which you have performed the firmware update.


More information on the update procedure is available from the Online Help System of STEP 7.

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