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What is the purpose of the YL connector on the RGJ ramp-function generator block?

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With the "RGJ" block of the "D7-SYS" configuration software the input connectors LU (Upper Limit) and LL (Lower Limit) do not affect the output connector Y, but the input connector X, so that there can always be jerk limiting.
Therefore it is possible that output Y can also have values that are beyond the range defined by LU and LL.

When using the "RGJ" block you should usually use the YL connector (with integrated output value limitation).
At this output the output value is automatically limited to the range defined by the user with the input connectors LU and LL.

If you nevertheless use the output connector Y, pleasure use appropriate switching to ensure that the value of the output connector Y remains in the range you want.

Additional information about "RGJ" is available in the "Reference Manual" of the D7-SYS function blocks in Entry ID 14952400.

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