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Entry type: Application example Entry ID: 79100154, Entry date: 09/26/2013

ADEPT Robot Control using a SIMATIC S7-300 Controller

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Robot applications in industry are very frequently integrated into production lines that are controlled by programmable logic controllers. Usually the robot application is a seperate unit acting independently from the production line controller and needs to be supplied with data required for operating the robot by this controller. Commissioning a production line requires both the knowledge for commissioning the PLC and the knowledge of the robot system. The same applies to maintaining this production line and to changing production to a different product.

In order to control the robot in a production line in a convenient way it should be possible to fully integrate the robot into the production line controller and to define and influence the robot movements directly from this controller. Through this it will be possible to commission the production line even without knowledge of the robot system and to carry out maintenance works or production changes directly via the production line controller.

To solve the automation task, this application will introduce a function block for the SIMATIC S7-300 PLC, through which an ADEPT robot can be controlled directly from the automation system. For this purpose, the ADEPT robot provides a data exchange interface (ADEPT ePLC) through which commands for the robot and status data from the robot can be exchanged with the automation system.

The solution of the automation task is available for download in two versions:

  • FB600 "ADEPT_RobotControl"
    Application for full robot control from the SIMATIC Controller, from switching on the robot power to the chained travel of the robot axes to the required target position.
  • FB610 "ADEPT_RobotComm"
    Application only for data exchange between the robot and the SIMATIC Controller. Here, the user must realize the control of the robot in the application program.


Content of Downloads


FB600 "ADEPT_RobotControl"
  • Setting up the communication connection
  • Switching the robot power on and off
  • Acknowledging error events in the robot controller
  • Homing operation
  • Jog mode (JOG)
  • Travel movements at the robot by defining the target position
  • Chaining individual movements to one sequence of movements
Documentation 79100154_ADEPT_RobotControlFB_DOKU_en.pdf ( 1231 KB )
Program example for a SIMATIC CPU with HMI user interface.
79100154_ADEPT_RobotControlFB_CODE_EXP.zip ( 3048 KB )
Program archive with the required components for integration into own projects.
79100154_ADEPT_RobotControlFB_CODE.zip ( 76 KB )
FB610 "ADEPT_RobotComm"
  • Setting up the communication connection via   “T_CON“ and “ T_DISCON“
  • Sending the command data via   “T_SEND“
  • Receiving the status data via “T-RECV”
Documentation 79100154_ADEPT_RobotCommFB_DOKU_en.pdf ( 815 KB )
Program example for a SIMATIC CPU.
79100154_ADEPT_RobotCommFB_CODE_EXP.zip ( 376 KB )
Program archive with the required components for integration into own projects.
79100154_ADEPT_RobotCommFB_CODE.zip ( 45 KB )

Security Notice
The functions and solutions described in this entry are mainly restricted to the realization of the automation task. Please also take into account that corresponding protective measures have to be taken in the context of Industrial Security when connecting your equipment to other parts of the plant, the enterprise network or the Internet. For further information please refer to Entry-ID 50203404.

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