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Delivery release: New ground fault module for SIMOCODE pro V

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High-precision ground fault monitoring – the new ground fault module for SIMOCODE pro V represents the highest standard on the market.

Date for the Release for Delivery : 2013-09-30

Product description:
External earth fault monitoring is usually carried out in networks which are grounded at high impedance and in cases where exact measurement of the earth fault current is necessary, e.g. for condition monitoring purposes. Thanks to our new earth fault module 3UF7510-1AA00-0, we are able to offer the optimum solution in combination with the SIMOCODE pro V range and the 3UL23 residual current transformer.

The highlights of our solution, which enable increased plant availability, include:
- Fault current limit selectable within a large range
- High measuring accuracy
- Connection of transformers with large feed-through openings up to 210 mm
- Adjustable warning and tripping limits
- Permanent monitoring for open circuit and short circuit of the connection from the
  residual current transformer to the earth fault module

Furthermore, combining the new earth fault module 3UF7510-1AA00-0 with the 3UL23 residual current transformer represents better value than the previous solution for all feed-through opening sizes.

There are predecessor types: How is the detachment imaginary?
The predecessor model 3UF7500-1AA00-0 will be discontinued as of June 2014. Replacement units will continue to be available beyond this date.

Differences compared with predecessor types:
The dimensions and functions of the new earth fault module 3UF7510-1AA00-0 are fully compatible with those of its predecessor, 3UF7500-1AA00-0, and can be used with pro V basic units from product versions E10 (PROFIBUS) or E04 (PROFINET) onwards, both of which have been available since September 2013.

Ordering data:
3UF7510-1AA00-0, ground fault module for SIMOCODE pro V   

In combination with the 3UL23 residual-current transformer, the new ground fault module permits the measurement and notification of the ground fault current to the control system with the following functions:
- parameterizable residual current limit within the range from 30 mA to 40 A
- high measurement accuracy (accuracy of ± 7.5%)
- 1 transformer per outlet opening (regardless of fault current)
- possible outlet openings of 35 mm, 55 mm, 80 mm, 105 mm, 140 mm, 210 mm
- permanent self-monitoring of the ground fault module and monitoring of the connection
  of the transformer to the ground fault module

Listed below are the order numbers of the 3UL23 residual-current transformers that can be connected to the ground fault module:

Order number

Opening diameter


35 mm


55 mm


80 mm


110 mm


140 mm


210 mm

The new ground fault module can be used with pro V basic units from product versions E10 (PROFIBUS) or E04 (PROFINET) onwards, both of which have been available since September 2013.

SIMOCODE ES 2007 software(Service Pack 5) can be used for parameterization.
Service Pack 5 for SIMOCODE ES 2007 can be downloaded from the following location:

Further information on SIMOCODE can be found online at:



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