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SINAMICS S120: Controlling Safety Integrated Extended Functions and transferring the F-DIs of the CU310-2 PN via PROFIsafe with PROFINET

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A modular safety concept is to be presented in this example. Sensors locally connected at the F-DIs of the drive only control safety functions SS1 and SLS for this particular drive. Sensors directly connected to the F-DI modules of the F-CPU, control the SS1 and SLS safety functions for all drives of a machine. PROFIsafe via PROFINET is always used for the control. To do this, the signals of the sensors connected to the F-DIs of the SINAMICS S120 are transferred to the F-CPU using PROFIsafe, where they are subsequently evaluated.


Controlling safety functions SS1 and SLS via PROFIsafe with PROFINET for a SINAMICS S120 drive line-up is demonstrated using this application example. The S120 drive line-up used comprises a Control Unit CU310-2 PN, a Power Module PM340 and a 1FK7 servomotor with incremental Drive-CLiQ encoder.

In order to be able to implement a modular safety concept, in this particular example, the safety functions are locally controlled (only effective for this drive) and globally controlled (effective for all drives of a system/machine). The local safety functions are controlled using sensors at the F-DIs of the drive. These sensors only control the SS1 and SLS safety functions for this particular drive. The local, safety-relevant signals are transferred from the fail-safe onboard terminals of the SINAMICS S120 via PROFIsafe with PROFINET to the F-CPU. The other global safety functions are controlled using the sensors of the SAFETY training case. These global signals are sensed using the fail-safe inputs of the F-CPU. They control the SS1 and SLS safety functions for all of the drives of a machine.
All of the signals detected and transferred at the F-CPU are evaluated in the F-CPU, and logically interlocked in the safety program to allow the integrated SS1 and SLS safety functions to be controlled.
The safety functions integrated in the SINAMICS S120 drive being used are controlled using fail-safe PROFIsafe communication. The F-CPU is the F host as well as also the PROFINET controller.


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