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BRAUMAT with STEP 7 - Additional functions for BRAUMAT

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This entry provides you with commissioning manuals and operating manuals. You also receive function extensions to the BRAUMAT standard library.

BRAUMAT functions and instructions

BRAUMAT HMI Design Guide
The "BRAUMAT HMI Design Guide" describes the HMI functions of BRAUMAT OS. The document explains selected BRAUMAT monitoring and operating strategies. It also describes the configuration of static and dynamic objects with relevant GUI (Graphics User Interface) dialogs in order to meet the demands of the plant driver/operator with regard to operator control and monitoring of processes.
Typical requirements:

  • User-friendly user interface
  • Screen layout
  • Representation of messages and trends
  • Static and dynamic equipment

BRAUMAT Operator Manual
The document "BRAUMAT Operator Manual" is intended for operators, maintenance personnel and administrators of BRAUMAT systems.
The following components are included:

  • Compact manual for operators
  • Compact manual for maintenance personnel
  • Compact manual for administrators

"PULSES" (pulse/pause) automation function
The "PULSES" function allows the generation of binary pulse sequences.
Typical applications:

  • Flushing of various CIP valves
  • Pulse for the injection of substances (injection ON/OFF)
  • Switching ON of outputs (one by one)
  • Switching OFF of outputs (one by one)
  • Switching OFF of outputs for just a specific time
  • Changing subsequent pulses depending on the selected mode (activate/deactivate specific outputs)
  • Starting and stopping the malt conveyor belts and closing the malt lifting system

"TankCooling" (cooling zone block) automation function
The "TankCooling" function enables the generation of various cooling zones in a tank.
Typical applications:

  • To keep a setpoint temperature
  • Fermentation
  • Maturation
  • Ramp function to achieve a setpoint temperature in a predetermined time
  • Temperature and time monitoring

Seat Lifting Block (SLB) automation function
The Seat Lifting Block (SLB) allows double seat valves (DSV) to be controlled.
Typical applications include:

  • Separate control of the main valve and the seat liftings
  • Interlocks for the main valve and seat liftings
  • Parameterizable peripheral assignment with adjustable end position monitoring
  • External pulse/pause mode for synchronized flushing of the double seat valves in groups
  • Internal pulse/pause mode for individual rinsing
  • Braumat OCX faceplate for "double seat valve control" (combined valve and seatlifting control) and parametrization.

Valid from STEP 7 V5.x and BRAUMAT V5.x
Documentation and library - BRAUMAT HMI Design Guide - Compatible with BRAUMAT V6 and V7
 Documentation BRAUMAT HMI Design Guide (4,1 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig Library "Static process objects" (861,3 KB)

Documentation - BRAUMAT Operator Manual - Compatible with BRAUMAT V6 and V7
 BRAUMAT V6 Operator Manual (4,6 MB)
 BRAUMAT V7 Operator Manual (9,2 MB)

Documentation and code - BRAUMAT "TankCooling" function - Compatible with BRAUMAT V6 and V7
 Documentation for the BRAUMAT "TankCooling" function (525,0 KB) (525,0 KB)
 Registrierung notwendig Code for the BRAUMAT "TankCooling" function (71,1 KB) (51,9 KB) 

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