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DESCRIPTION: Station type: IM 155-5 DP ST V3.0 Order no.: 6ES7 155-5BA00-0BA0...


Station type: IM 155-5 DP ST V3.0 (Rev.5)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-5BA00-0BA0
Version: 02/2019
ET200MP_DP_ST_V30.zip ( 43 KB )
SHA256 checksum: 29D2BE5AD9BBE36AD36028BD034745AF4277F465B891A8189417298FF6FD3D61

Station type: IM 155-5 DP ST V2.0 (Rev.5)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-5BA00-0BA0
Version: 02/2014
ET200MP_DP_ST_V20.zip ( 43 KB )
SHA256 checksum: 0909FF8C81E0037DFDCC7D4066871C8761DDFB3D3F9E904FC4E764DB4D954D46

Station type: IM 155-5 DP ST V1.0 (Rev.5)
Order no.: 6ES7 155-5BA00-0BA0
Version: 09/2013
ET200MP_DP_ST_V10.zip ( 8 KB )
SHA256 checksum: 5F86A542A17385050A41657DB86E9742F51B8019F1FAE5C3644D55D98C7F9502

Stationstyp: IM 155-5 DP ST V3.0 (Rev.3)
Best.-Nr.: 6ES7 155-5BA00-0BA0
Version: 02/2019
 Registrierung notwendig  ET200MP_DP_ST_V30_Rev3.zip (60,1 KB)
SHA256 checksum: 2598B534C8F015C21C5107FE0D1CE83A3FE70F45D8CA00A67ED1A2AFCFEA3432

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New PROFIBUS GSD file revision 3 for ET 200MP and ET 200SP

An additional GSD file in revision 3 is now available in addition to the previous PROFIBUS GSD files with revision 5

Using the GSD files


  • This GSD file is only to be used if the configuration cannot be done using the GSD file revision 5.
  • The revision 3 GSD files can be used with all engineering tools that do not support the revision 5 GSD files e.g. COM PROFIBUS. There are also many older engineering tools that do not allow the installation of newer GSD files because they contain newer key words.
  • These GSD files now allow the ET 200 MP and ET 200SP modules to be used on PROFIBUS master modules that do not support DP V1 operation with data records. Naturally, in this case, all functions based on data record communication cannot be used.


Due to the functional limitations of a number of engineering tools, when these GSD files are used certain module parameters are available for selection that the modules do not support.
For example for an AQ 4xU/I ST (6ES7 532-5HD00-0AB0) an output range of +/- 5V can be configured. The module does not support this, however. When a parameter assignment of this type is downloaded to this module, the module shows a parameter assignment error. For this reason please note which parameters the module supports in the device manual for each module.
This GSD file is not suitable for the DP master configuration of a AG 95U due to its limited address volume.




You can download the revision 3 GSD files here:

ET 200SP: 73016883

ET 200MP: 80206700

You can download the manuals (Manual Collection) for the ET 200 MP and ET 200SP here:

Manual Collection ET 200MP: 86140384

ET 200SP Manual Collection 84133942







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