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How can I speed up the first call of GetTag or SetTag functions?

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In your scripts you use the internal GetTag or SetTag functions. In the functions you access tags that are not used by any objects in the picture. The first access to the tag takes a lot longer than the subsequent accesses.

Before you can access a tag, the tag has to be logged onto the WinCC data manager for updating.
If objects are dynamized in the process display with tags, then the Graphics Runtime knows which tags a process display needs. In this way all the tags used can be logged on for updating as soon as the display opens.
If a tag is not used in the picture and you access the tag in a script, the tag is not yet available. It first has to be logged on for updating, which is why the first access takes longer.


  • Create invisible objects in the picture.
  • Dynamize the Properties of these objects with a tag that you use in scripts.
    Add a text field and dynamize the colors with a tag each.

The result is that as soon as the picture opens, all the tags required are available. This then makes the first calls of the GetTag and SetTag functions just as fast as the subsequent calls.

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