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What are we to understand by corrosive environmental conditions when using SIPLUS extreme?

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SIPLUS extreme - environmental conditions

All our products are tested in accredited test laboratories in compliance with EN 60721-3-3 and EN 60068-2-52.

Devices belonging to the SIPLUS extreme family are designed so that any occurring toxic gas concentrations in the specified pollution classes do not have any impact on module functionality.

Guidelines previously specified such as ISA 71.04 no longer apply for SIPLUS products.
No explicit standard exists for testing and approving electronic devices for use under toxic gas in compliance with ISA S71.04 severity levels G1 to Gx. Reference to the ISA S71.04 standard in relation to all toxic gas concentrations in all SIPLUS extreme publications serves as a non-binding comparison only.

ISA 71.04 GX data is covered by the pollutant classes of the European standards EN 60721-3-3 and EN 60068-2-52. The following values apply to the aforementioned pollutant classes of EN 60721-3-3: 


Biologically active substances 3B2

Mold and fungal spores; except fauna

Chemically active substances, severity level 3

Salt spray

Chemically active substances 3C4

Environmental influence

Limit value:


40 mg/m³


70 mg/m³


3.0 mg/m³


5.0 mg/m³


2.0 mg/m³


175 mg/m³


2.0 mg/m³

N2O; NO; N2O3; NO2; N2O4; N2O5

20 mg/m³

Mechanically active substances 3S4


3,000 mg/m³

Dust (suspended substance content)

4.0 mg/m³

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For more information about SIPLUS extreme products see: http://www.siemens.com/siplus-extreme

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