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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 80959800, Entry date: 09/24/2013

Delivery release for the Motion Control System SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF17

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With immediate effect, the SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF17 has been released.

This release includes

  • Delta Setup for SIMOTION SCOUT and SCOUT Stand-alone  V4.3 SP1 HF17
  • SIMOTION C240/C240 PN Kernel/Firmware  V4.3 SP1 HF17
  • SIMOTION D4xx Kernel/Firmware, V4.3 SP1 HF17
  • SIMOTION D410-2 Kernel/Firmware, V4.3 SP1 HF17
  • SIMOTION D4x5-2 Kernel/Firmware, V4.3 SP1 HF17
  • SIMOTION P3xx-3 Kernel/Firmware, V4.3 SP1 HF17
  • Firmware Support Package, V4.3 SP1 HF17

Many functional restrictions applying in the SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF12 have been eliminated in the SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF17.

We recommend that you use this version in case of error. When changing to the Hotfix 17, perform the delta setup of SIMOTION SCOUT and upgrade the Kernel/Firmware Version of the respective platform.

The delivery version remains SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF12.


Prerequisite for the installation is a SCOUT or SCOUT Stand-alone Version V4.3 SP1 HF12 (current delivery version) which has already been installed on the engineering computer. If these prerequisites are fulfilled, you can install the SCOUT delta setup. With this installation, the following versions are installed on the Engineering System SIMOTION SCOUT:

  • SIMOTION SCOUT V4.3.1.17 (Internal Identifier:

  • SIMOTION Technology Packages V4.3.1.17 (Internal Identifier:

When migrating from SIMOTION V4.3 SP1 HFx to V4.3 SP1 HF17, the projects need not be upgraded. In order to activate the new technology package in existing configurations, you have to

  • select the new version of the technology package in the SCOUT dialog "Select technology package" before performing the download.

  • select "Load project into the target system" and then the option "Exchange release versions of the technology packages".

The updated SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF17 of the Motion Control technology package can then be identified in the device diagnostics after the download.


The Kernel/Firmware Version V4.3 SP1 HF17 is provided for SIMOTION C, P and D. The detailed versions including the safety versions are listed in the Readme ( 116 KB ) .

Further information

More detailed information about the SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF17 is provided in the Readme file.

/cs/pool/doc.gif Liesmich.rtf ( 168 KB )

/cs/pool/doc.gif Readme.rtf ( 116 KB )

You can use the Device Update Tool for upgrading SIMOTION C and D as from SIMOTION Software Version V4.1 SP2 to the SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF17. The Firmware Support Package V4.3 SP1 HF17 is required for this.

The following downloads are provided via the Internet Product Support pages:

  • SIMOTION SCOUT V4.3 SP1 HF17 Delta Setup, see 81002649

  • SIMOTION C Kernel/Firmware V4.3 SP1 HF17, see 31263919

  • SIMOTION D Kernel/Firmware V4.3 SP1 HF17, see 31045047

  • SIMOTION  Firmware Support Package (FWSP) for the Device Update Tool, see 33119786

If you wish to perform an update from SIMOTION P to the SIMOTION Software Version V4.3 SP1 HF17, please contact your local Siemens contact person.

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