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FTP Client Communication with S7-1200/1500

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This entry shows an application solution of how an S7-1500/1200 can exchange data with an FTP server as simple FTP client without communication processor.

The widely distributed File Transfer Protocol (FTP) offers you the possibility of storing data on almost any server system of all the known operating systems.

In this application example we provide you with a function block (Ftp1X00Cmd) that implements a FTP client into the S7-CPU. The block can perform the following FTP commands:


The following screen shows what components can be used by this application example in the FTP communication.

The FTP block introduced here enables the very easy use of a S7-1200/S7-1500 CPU as FTP client with the most frequent FTP commands. The FTP command set corresponds to that of the S7-300/400/1500 CPs.

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