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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 82968977, Entry date: 12/09/2013

SINUMERIK Integrate PL Client PL update problem

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After performing a SINUMERIK Integrate PL Client update, the machine remains disconnected even following HMI restart.

Affected SINUMERIK Integrate PL Client versions

Versions 04.07.01 and  04.07.02.


When updating your system to one of the two SINUMERIK Integrate client versions stated, empty registry entries will be incorrectly created, which has the effect that the machine remains disconnected after performing an HMI restart and is not connected with the server. 


In this condition, the machine does no longer process data, all configurations are ineffective.


Disconnect the affected machine from the server and reconnect it anew. This may, however, lead to data losses and is not recommended. Above all old backup files can no longer be imported.


Execution of the SINUMERIK Integrate PL cClient 04.07.04 supplied with SINUMERIK Integrate V4.0 Service Pack 3, which corrects the incorrect registry.

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