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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 83149400, Entry date: 11/11/2013

SIMATIC IPC DiagBase V1.4.2 Software for SIMATIC IPCs Released for Delivery

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The new version of the diagnostic tool "SIMATIC IPC DiagBase V1.4.2" is now available for free download from the Service&Support pages of Industry Automation & Drive Technologies. More information is provided on the download page on the Internet at entry ID29316343

The use of the SIMATIC IPC DiagBase signaling and diagnostic software enables early detection of possible malfunctions in SIMATIC PCs. A communication of PC fault messages to operators can help to reduce or avoid plant standstill times.

The SIMATIC IPC DiagBase software provides the following basic diagnosis functions:

  • Monitors the status of SIMATIC IPCs (hard disk (also RAID), CF-Card, SSD, fan, temperature, CMOS battery voltage, system status)
  • Signals the identified faults
  • Communicates this information locally
  • Acts through individually settable aplications in the case of an alarm
  • Logs all events in a log file


NEW: SIMATIC IPC DiagBase V1.4.2 additionally supports the following new D-generation SIMATIC IPCs:


    Please read the relevant sales and delivery release bulletins of the units.

Integration of the BIOS functions "Settings" and "Version".

( 566 KB )    Open by clicking

FIg.: New functions "BIOS Settings" and "BIOS Version" in SIMATIC IPC DiagBase V1.4.2.

  • Load and save BIOS settings: This function enables the CMOS settings of a SIMATIC IPC to be saved in a file. BIOS settings can thus easily be saved and restored.

( 391 KB )       Open by clicking

Fig.: Element features of the BIOS function for loading and saving the BIOS Setup settings in an example with the SIMATIC IPC427C.

  • Entering an inventory number: This function can be used to store a permanent inventory number on the Flash memory. 
  • Loading and saving a BIOS image (content of a programmable block): This function can be used to save and transfer a BIOS image to another compatible SIMATIC IPC. Furthermore a BIOS update can be executed. Please bear in mind in this case that an incorrectly performed BIOS update can damage the BIOS beyond repair. Only carry out a BIOS update if this is really necessary. During the update process the power supply may not be interrupted and the update must be completed before you ramp down the unit or switch it off.

( 667 KB )    Open by clicking

Fig.: Element features of the BIOS function for changing the inventory number or load and save a BIOS image.


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