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How do you migrate from a Central Archive Server to Process Historian 2014?

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This entry includes action commands, descriptions and notes for migrating Central Archive Server data to Process Historian 2014.

Process Historian 2014 features a CAS migration tool to enable Central Archive Server (CAS) users to migrate to Process Historian 2014.
Following migration, the CAS data is available in the same way in the Process Historian as the OS data which had been saved originally.
That means that the CAS data is located in database tables which are accessed with the aid of the information server.

All the migratable CAS versions and the associated versions of PCS 7 and WinCC are listed in the table below:

PCS 7 versionWinCC versionStoragePlus /
CAS version
Process Historian
Process Historian
V7.0V6.2V1.2 X
V7.0 SP1V6.2 SP2V1.2 SP2X
V7.0 SP2V6.2 SP2 HF7V1.2 SP2 HF7X
V7.0 SP3V6.2 SP3 HF1V1.2 SP3X
V7.1V7.0 SP1V1.3 SP1X
V7.1 SP1V7.0 SP1 HF4V1.3 SP1 HF4X
V7.1 SP2 V7.0 SP2 V7.0 SP2 XX
V7.1 SP3 V7.0 SP2 Upd4 V7.0 SP2 Upd4 XX
V7.1 SP4V7.0 SP2 Upd8 V7.0 SP2 Upd8 XX
V8.0 V7.0 SP3 V7.0 SP3 XX
V8.0 Upd1V7.0 SP3 Upd1 V7.0 SP3 Upd1 XX
V8.0 SP1V7.2V7.2XX
V8.0 SP1 Upd1V7.2 Upd5V7.2 Upd5X
V8.0 SP2V7.2 Upd7V7.2 Upd7X

Table 01: Migratable CAS versions

By updating a CAS of PCS 7 version 6.1 past version 7.0 to version V7.1 SP2, the CAS database structure is not changed in such a way that the CAS data can be migrated. This would cause the data and structures created in PCS 7 V6.1 to be lost!

The following document contains action commands, descriptions and notes for migrating Central Archive Server data to Process Historian 2014:

Fig. 01

Migration of a Central Archive Server to a Process Historian 2014
 Documentation (842.9 KB)

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