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MICROMASTER 4 (MM4), SINAMICS G120: Tips for the parameterization of the motor holding brake

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This FAQ applies to the MICROMASTER 4 and SINAMICS G120/G120D Control Units without “-2” in the product name.

Where can I find tips for the parameterization of the motor holding brake?

Using the RUN right and RUN left command, is the best solution to control the direction of the motor rotation in connection with a motor holding brake. By substitution this control mode, the motor holding brake is always enabled by OFF1 and the threshold is undershoot. This ensures that the motor can always supply the full torque when the brake is released.



Parameter settings for "RUN left" and "RUN right"

Function Parameter Description Setting Discription
command source  p0700 selects digital command source 2 connection to terminal
function of digital input 1 p0701 selects function of digital input 1  1 ON/ OFF1
function of digital input 2 p0702 selects function of digital input 2 2 ON reverse / OFF 1

Using the motor holding brake function and the reverse command at the same time is not recommended. In the reserve run of the inverter, the frequency drops up to zero without the holding brake being activated. This can cause problems in installations where the loss of torque at low speed can lead to loss of control.

Informations to this topic
A detailed description of the motor holding brake parameter assignment can be found in the Operating Instructions of the suitable inverter:

  • in the operating instructions MICROMASTER 420 in chapter “functions” point 3.13 “Motor holding brake” Entry- ID: 24523400
  • in the Operating Instructions MICROMASTER 440 in chapter “functions” point 3.14 “Motor holding brake” Entry- ID: 24294529
  • in the Function Manual SINAMICS G120 in chapter “Common inverter functions” Point 6.8.1 “Motor holding brake” Entry- ID: 52614597

FAQ:  "Are the binary input command functions RUN right and RUN left the same on the MM4/SINAMICS G120 as on previous MICROMASTER products?" Entry- ID: 5807168
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