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How do you change the size of the onscreen keyboard on a SIMATIC HMI operator panel?

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Changing the keyboard size

When you make entries in Runtime on operator panels like the SIMATIC Comfort Panels, for example, the full-screen runtime keyboard is displayed by default. Via the "Settings" of the operator panel you can change the size of the keyboard.


1Open the "Settings" via the "Start Center" of the operator panel.
  • Open the onscreen keyboard via the "Input Panel" icon.
    The "Siemens HMI Input Panel..." opens.
  • Enable the "Show Resize button" checkbox.
  • Click the "Open Input Panel" button.

Fig. 01
  • You can use the "Resize" button (marked red) to change the size of the keyboard. You can set the size of the numeric keypad and the keyboard separately.
    The keyboard opens in Runtime at the point where you position the keyboard.
  • Press the "Save" button to save the settings.
  • Close the keyboard via the "Close Input Panel" button. 
  • Close the window via the "OK" button.
    If you enable the "Show Resize button" checkbox, you can also change the keyboard size in Runtime.

Fig. 02

The figure shows the changed size of the numeric keypad.

Fig. 03

Table 01

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