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Handling with SIMOTION

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Motion Control applications for handling devices

In order to support the engineering of handling applications there are several software blocks and libraries for SIMOTION, which simplify the creation of such applications. In addition to the comprehensive SIMOTION Handling Advanced application there are e.g. function blocks for an easy implementation of the handling functionality or for the use of special transformations. 

Handling standard applications for SIMATIC can be found at: 109757198 

SIMOTION Handling Advanced

SIMOTION Handling Advanced is a universal library for almost every handling task from palletizing tasks up to high-speed pick&place applications.

A Whole raft of functions is available for this, such as:

  • Interpolation point-based, velocity-optimized motion planning
  • Zone management, for example to monitor working areas
  • Pick&place applications on moving belts can be programmed very easily


SIMOTION Handling Basic

With SIMOTION Handling Basic, you have basic handling functionality in just one block. Typical applications include palletizing and transfer motion with cartesian gantries.
  • Interpolating 4-D motion (x, y, z and gripper orientation)
  • Automatic online path planning based on consecutive target positions
  • Simple interface for entering interpolation points from a master unit (SIMATIC)


SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter

The standard application SIMOTION G-Code Interpreter offers the possibility to program kinematic systems with G-Code. The following functions are provided:
  • 3D interpolation
  • Kinematic transformation
  • M-functions / R-parameters
  • Management of G-Code programs
  • Example projects for SIMOTION and HMI
 SIMOTION 109477030 


SIMOTION Kinematic Transformation


With the blocks of the standard library "SIMOTION Kinematic Transformation" it is possible to engineer simple kinematic transformations as they occur in handling or robotic applications. In order to use the functionality it is not mandatory to use the Standard applications "SIMOTION Handling Advanced" or "SIMOTION Handling Basic". However, these Standard applications offer the user all the functionality that is required for the creation of complete Handling projects. For detailed information refer to the respective documentation.

The function blocks of this library enhance the technological functions of SIMOTION and the mentioned Standard application by the following functionality:

  • Function block with common interface for custom kinematic transformations
  • Function blocks for the control of real axes with cyclic position setpoints via the motion interface
  • Monitoring of single real axes via setpoint monitoring
  • Monitoring of Cartesian setpoints and actual values via path deviation


SIMOTION Kinematics Simulation Center


The Kinematics Simulation Center Windows-based tool is a software tool for 3-D visualization of mechanical handling systems and conveyor belts.Supports all of the kinematics integrated in SIMOTION.
  • Supports all of the kinematics integrated in SIMOTION
  • 3-D trace track for motion tracking
  • Connection to SIMOTION for engineering without having a real mechanical system
 SIMOTION 85022780 



The standard application SIMOTION JogPath offers the possibility to jog kinematic systems. Jogging of the kinematics is required in manual mode, e.g. to teach in the target positions. The application offers the following functions:  

  • Continuous and incremental Cartesian jogging of the path object
  • Jogging of the path synchronous axis
  • Basic positioning to a Cartesian target position
 SIMOTION 109481919 


SIMOTION Computed Torque Control

The standard library SIMOTION Computed Torque Control enables the torque calculation for different robot types. Pre controlling the calculated torque in the control loop offers the following advantages:
  • Increase precision of motion
  • Preserve mechanics of high wear by applying softer control parameters
  • Reduction of torque peaks
 SIMOTION 109747826 


SIMOTION Product Register

The standard library SIMOTION Product Register provides a central product register for a variable number of handling devices and offer the following functions:
  • Control of various sensor types (e.g. vision systems, measuring inputs, digital inputs) 
  • Easy implementation of user specific sort and distribution algorithms
  • Definition of transfer areas
 SIMOTION 109750204 

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