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SIMOTION Kinematic Transformation

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The SIMOTIN library Kinematic Transformation offers a standard interface for programming of user-defined kinematics.

Handling with SIMOTION - Application Kinematic Transformation
With the blocks of the Standard-Library "SIMOTION Kinematic Transformation" it is possible to engineer simple kinematic transformations as they occur in handling or robotic applications. In order to use the functionality it is not mandatory to use the Standard applications "SIMOTION Toploading" or "SIMOTION Handling Basic". However, these Standard applications offer the user all the functionality that is required for the creation of complete Handling projects. For detailed information refer to the respective documentation.

The function blocks of this library enhance the technological functions of SIMOTION and the mentioned Standard application by the following functionality:

  • Function block with common interface for custom kinematic transformations
  • Function blocks for the control of real axes with cyclic position setpoints via the motion interface
  • Monitoring of single real axes via setpoint monitoring
  • Monitoring of Cartesian setpoints and actual values via path deviation

Fields of application:
Handling applications which require a custom transformation.


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