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Sales and Delivery Release for SIMATIC WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V 7.2

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WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V 7.2 - Production analysis and optimization on the basis of individual key performance indicators  

The WinCC/PerformanceMonitor enables a flexible calculation and powerful analysis of plant-specific key performance indicators (KPIs). These figures are the basis to develop optimization potentials to increase the productivity.

The WinCC/DowntimeMonitor will no longer be released for WinCC V7.2 and higher.        

WinCC Analyze and Reporting Starter Package

During the market introduction phase until Sept. 30, 2014, a "WinCC Analyze and Reporting Starter Package" comprising the basic packages  WinCC/PerformanceMonitor and SIMATIC Information Server 2013 will be made available.   


Delivery Release for

WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.2 in English, German and Chinese for the operating systems 

  • Windows 2008 Server SP2 Standard Edition (32-Bit)
  • Windows 2008 Server R2 SP1 Standard Edition (64-Bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 (32-Bit / 64-Bit) Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate.

Please bear in mind that the PerformanceMonitor V7.2  NECESSITATES WinCC V7.2 or WinCC V7.2 ASIA as basis.


The calculation of performance figures is based on operands which are formed of already configured WinCC variables. A combination with collateral values enables more accurate production contexts to be emphasized, e.g. quality depending on the supplier. The performance figures and the production contexts are assigned to the plant subsections. The calculation formulae used can be developed quickly and easily in WinCC.

The analysis of the performance figures and their operands is possible at any time in the WinCC system. Performance figures, if required with their collatteral values, can be clearly represented and compared in bar charts. In addition, the input values of each performance figure can be displayed via an integrated analysis function (drill-down). The Gantt diagram displays the chronology of the time-based operands. A spreadsheet can be used to list and, if necessary, correct the archived values at a later date. Cyclically or variables triggered online calculated performance figures can be writted to WinCC tags for further processing in WinCC, e.g. for indication in WinCC screens.

The PerformanceMonitor can be combined with the WebNavigator for distribution in the Internet and the Information Server for reporting.  The integration in WinCC ensures fast configuration and full transparency of all machine and plant data as basis for optimization of the plant productivity. 

  • The WinCC/PerformanceMonitor can be installed on a WinCC Single Station, WinCC Server or WinCC Client project (RT 128 license) and consists of an Engineering Client as well as a Runtime User Interface.
  • The WinCC/ PerformanceMonitor provides ActiveX control elements for inclusion in WinCC screens.
    • PerformanceControl: Bar chart for representation of the performance figures in relation to context values with indication of the relevant operands for cause analysis.
    • Gantt diagram: Horizontal progress display of time-based operands
    • TableControl: Tabular list of the operands with a subsequent correction option.
  • With the aid of the integrated configuration environment operands are calculated on the basis of variables, which are used for the performance figure calculation at the time of the evaluation.
  • If the WinCC/WebNavigator is used, the controls of the WinCC/ PerformanceMonitor are available for analysis via the Internet or Intranet
  • The SIMATIC Information Server can be used for plant-specific web-based reports (pre-defined, expandable reports).
  • The archived values (operands, context) form the basis for the analysis and are additional license-relevant via one-by-one licensing.

Management and quality assurance benefits
Full transparency of the machine equipment as basis for optimization of the plant productivity.

  • Capturing of downtimes, localization of the causes of downtimes and monitoring of the equipment efficiency.
  • Decision finding on the basis of performance indicators.
  • Globally available reports of the InformationServer for different user groups
  • Capturing of downtimes, localization of the causes and reasons for the downtimes and monitoring of the equipment efficiency.
  • Identification of production correlations due to the combination of the performance figures with collateral values, e.g. the material used.

  Service and Maintenance
Support from performance figure calculations triggered cyclically and via process events:

  • Standardization of new plants by the definition of controller-based status information for performance figure calculation
  • Individual pinpointed analysis by plant-specific performance figures.
  • Weak point analysis in production processes and detection of unwanted process characteristics. 
  • Cause analysis by investigation of the calculation basis "drilldown to operands".
  • Identification of events which will result in cost-intensive failures.

Line management and operator

The operator is always optimally informed via the graphically displayed performance figures. 

  • Subsequent changes of the archived input values.
  • Continuous information of the operator due to integration in the WinCC user interface.
  • Alarming in the case of limit value violation and trend recording with cyclical performance figure calculation.
  • No training of the operating staff required due to integration into the WinCC system.
  • Quick identification of weak points in the process with cyclical performance figure calculation.

WinCC Engineering

  • Subsequent changing of the archived input values.
  • Fast configuration of the WinCC control views with WinCC and web-based reports with the Information Server.
  • Minimization of the networking effort due to the use of the WinCC infrastructure in the local network and the Internet.
  • Minimum training period and simple configuration due to the use of known tools for the user interface and the reports (WinCC, SIMATIC Information Server)
  • Minimum configuration work due to the Type Instance Concept
  • Minimum administration work due to the use of the WinCC infrastructure in the local network and the Internet.

Creation of performance figures by the WinCC engineer with subsequent use by all user groups of the production facility on WinCC stations or Internet clients.    

Application area 

The PerformanceMonitor serves all user groups, from the application engineer up to evaluation by the management. With the application environment integrated in WinCC the engineer can create the individual formulae for the calcualtion of the performance figures. The management can use the web-based reporting on standard computers without any further installation. The maintenance department can use the web client of the WebNavigator for analysis with bar charts (performance), progress displays (Gantt) and tabular control. The representation of the performance figures with WinCC standard means on the on-site user interfaces keeps the machine operator up-to-date. The maintenance engineer can use the WinCC Client, the web client of the WinCC/WebNavigator, to analyze the plant from his workplace. Management always has access to web-based reports on standard computers without any further installation. 


  • Structuring of the production plant into equipment, as central constituents for the evaluations.
  • Use of structured variables in order to use machine status models.
  • WinCC Variables are consolidated into an operand by means of formulae.
  • Calculated operands are stored in an archive.
  • Archived operands are used as input values for performance figure calculation.
  • Bar charts for the analysis of performance figures and the investigation of causes (drilldown). The input values (operands) of the performance figures can be displayed for this purpose

Tabular representation of all operands (input values), progress diagram (Gantt chart), time-based operands. Cyclical or event-triggered calculation results are written to WinCC variables. WinCC runtime, alarm logging and trend logging can use the cyclically calculated values. The evaluation and display of the information from the database is available to every WinCC station. The reports of the Information Server can be displayed on independent PC workstations.   

Product overview

  • The basic package consists of the configuration environment, the runtime controls (bars, Gantt chart, table) and the license to archive 30 values. The archived values (operands, context) form the basis for the analysis.
  • If more values must be archived they can be increased in steps of 30, 100, 300 or 1000 archive values (additive). 


Ordering Data Order Number
WinCC/PerformanceMonitor V7.2 Basic Package incl. 30 PerformanceMonitor Archives 6AV6372-2DG07-2AA0
30 PerformanceMonitor ArchiveTags (additive) 6AV6372-2CG20-0BA0
100 PerformanceMonitor ArchiveTags (additive) 6AV6372-2CG20-0CA0
 300 PerformanceMonitor ArchiveTags (additive) 6AV6372-2CG20-0DA0
1000 PerformanceMonitor archive ArchiveTags (additive) 6AV6372-2CG20-0EA0
WinCC PerformanceMonitor Upgrade
Upgrade WinCC DowntimeMonitor 6.2 and 7.0 to WinCC PerformanceMonitor incl. 30 PerformanceMonitor archive variables
„WinCC Analyze and Reporting Starter Package"
consisting of the basic packages  WinCC/PerformanceMonitor and SIMATIC Information Server 2013


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