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With Safety Advanced, why do errors occur when compiling after upgrading from TIA Portal V11 to TIA Portal V12?

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All the statements in this FAQ response about TIA Portal V11 and V12 refer to use with Safety Advanced.

Whereas you can compile your project with TIA Portal V11, after upgrading to TIA Portal V12 errors occur when compiling. This is a matter of access errors to variables that are in the instance DBs of the F IO used (the QBAD bit of an F module, for example).

The instance DBs of the F IO used are generated automatically by the system and are given the name of the F module by default. However, then you do have the option of changing the names of these instance DBs.

With TIA Portal V11 accesses to the instance DBs of the F IO are changed automatically to the new name. After upgrading to TIA Portal V12, the instance DBs of the F IO are created again and once again receive the name of the F module by default. During compiling this inconsistency in the names is detected and an error message is output as a reaction.

Proceed as follows for upgrading from TIA Portal V11 to V12:

  • In V11, name the F modules as the names of the associated instance DBs are to be.
  • In V11, delete the instance DBs of the F modules.
  • Compile your V11 project so that the instance DBs are created again.
  • Now do the upgrade from TIA Portal V11 to V12.

You can always change the accesses in V12 manually after the upgrade. However, since this involves a great deal more time and effort, you should follow the procedure described here under "Remedy".

Migration from STEP 7 V5.5 to TIA Portal V12
In principle the statements above also apply for the migration from STEP 7 V5.5 (with Distributed Safety) to TIA Portal V12 (with Safety Advanced).

In addition, you should also check the numbers of the instance DBs in STEP 7 V5.5 to see whether they are in fact in the areas set. Basically, you can change these numbers, but with regard to migration to TIA Portal STEP V12 you should not make any changes in order to avoid the access errors described.

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