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Why does the RF200/RF300 reader not recognize the transponder despite correct init run (RESET)?

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You have correctly initialized the reader (the LED on the reader lights solid green). The attendance check is switched on in the reader.
Instead of lighting orange (to indicate that a transponder has bee recognized), the LED on the reader remains green although the transponder is in the field.

Set the "field_ON_time (ftim)" parameter in the Parameter DB or Hardware Configuration of the interface module to correspond to the transponder type and do the initialization again.

Reader Transponder type Value of the "field_ON_time(ftim)" parameter
RF200 ISO transponder 1
RF300 RF300transponder (identification: RF3xxT) 0
RF300 ISO transponder (identification: MDS Dxxx) 1
Table 01

The RF200 reader can only read ISO transponders. This is why the "field_ON_time(ftim)" parameter is always set to 1. If the parameterization is incorrect, the error "0x15" is output on reset.

Further Information
There are other possible settings for more precise specification of the ISO transponders with the RF300 reader. However, the value 1 is sufficient for most applications.
Detailed information is available in Entry ID 33315697.

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