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Entry type: Download Entry ID: 8619859, Entry date: 08/23/2001

Star-delta starting with LOGO!

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How can I do a star-delta start of an asynchronous motor with a LOGO!?

It is possible to do a star-delta start with a LOGO! module. See the example below.

Description of sequence:

  1. Start pulse via pushbutton I.
  2. Direct switch-on of the star contactor K1 via Q1.
  3. After 50 ms delay the load contactor K2 is switched on via Q2.
  4. Startup time of 10 sec.
  5. After this startup time the main contactor (Q2/K2) is held and the star contactor (Q1/K1) is switched off.
  6. After a further 50ms the delta switch (Q4/K4) is then switched in.

Pushbutton I is used to switch on and off, even during the startup phase.

star_delta_e.gif ( 11 KB )

The download contains the functions described above for a star-delta switching with a LOGO! module (no type restrictions). The project has been created with LOGO! software V2.0.

star_delta_e.zip ( 9 KB )

Copy the "star_delta_e.zip" file into a separate directory and then start the file with a double-click. The LOGO! project now unpacks automatically. Then you can use your LOGO! software to open and process the unpacked project.

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