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Which version of STEP 7 Micro/WIN or S7-200 PC Access is compatible with which version of MS Windows?

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Compatibility information for STEP 7 Micro/WIN is available in the Compatibility Tool.
You can call the Compatibility Tool in the following entry.

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Configuration Notes
The following table lists information about compatibility.

Win_PCAccess_MicroWIN_Komp_Matrix_e.pdf (41 KB)

You need administrator rights to install the S7-200 software in Windows NT, Windows2000 or Windows XP (32 bits), Windows Vista (32 bits) and Windows 7 (32 bits and 64 bits).
The evaluation/demo version of STEP 7 Micro/WIN cannot be upgraded using the Internet update installation program.


  • Both STEP 7 Micro/WIN and S7-200 PC Access can only run on 32-bit operating systems up to Windows XP; the 64-bit operating system is supported on with Windows 7.
  • Visit the Service & Support website to find the available updates and notes on the installation of the S7-200 software concerned.

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