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How can you have different picture to the "@Welcome.pdl" Start picture displayed at the start of Runtime?

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No. Procedure
1 Copy the "@Welcome.pdl" picture and save it as "User_Welcome.pdl", for example. Change the "User_Welcome.pdl" picture as you wish and save it.
2 Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the "SSM" folder of your WinCC project (for PCS7 e.g. D:\Project\wincproj\OS(1)\SSM).
3 Use Microsoft "Notepad" to open the "DEFAULT.SSM" file. Under "[Monitor1]", change the line "Workfield=@Welcome.pdl" to "Workfield=User_Welcome.pdl", for example. Save the "DEFAULT.SSM" file.


  • If you are operating a multi-VGA system, then make these settings also for the monitors 2, 3 and  4.
  • If in the OS project editor, in the "Basic data" tab, the option "Update screen for start up" is check marked, the "DEFAULT.SSM" file is overwritten with default values when the OS project editor is executed. In this case, you must make the settings again.