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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 8741941, Entry date: 09/14/2001

Release for sale and general availability for Drive ES Basic V5.1 Service Pack 1

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The Drive ES Basic V5.1 Service Pack 1 product will be released for sale and general availability with this Info.

Order No.[MLFB]: 6SW1700-5JA00-1AA0, 6SW1700-5JA00-1AA1

Release for general availability: 31st of August 2001

The above mentioned product has been improved. The main reason for this revision is the introduction of new functions. These include:

  • Starter - the commissioning (start-up) tool for MICROMASTER 4 - has now been integrated into Drive ES.
  • SimoCom A, the tool for POSMO A, is now integrated in Drive ES.
  • There is now a DNL to DB converter. Using this converter, parameter sets which are known from Drive Monitor and/or SIMOVIS, can be converted into a data block which can then be downloaded into a SIMATIC CPU. Using the already known "Download" function, it can then be downloaded when required from the CPU into the drives.
  • The converter for the HW Config to convert drive objects from the DVA-S7 format into the Drive ES format has also been included in this package (this product was used in Drive ES SIMATIC).
  • The user can individually set the timeout time in order to better support teleservice.
  • Upload and Download can now be executed incrementally in order to be able to re-transfer missing parameters after a coupling was interrupted without having to start from the very beginning again.
  • It is now possible to upgrade drives, existing in a project, to a higher firmware version without having to delete them and re-insert them as before.


-Debugged prompted parameterization of MASTERDRIVES MC for induction/non-catalog motors.

-Option card downloads have been revised.

-Call command in scripts has been improved.

-Problem in the free parameterization has been resolved as well as the possibility of being able to overwrite the actual list again when saving.

How do I obtain the new version?

Re-order it! After the release for general availability, the supply type of the above mentioned product will be extended by the described features. The Order Nos. and price will remain the same.

For users which already have Drive ES Basic V5.1, an upgrade version will be set-up which will be offered at a significantly lower price than the full version.

Order No.: 6SW1700-5JA00-1AA4(Upgrade)

List price: 149,55 Euro

For users who have already purchased the update service 6SW1700-0JA00-0AB2! The users who already have an update service will automatically receive the new version.


Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME (caution when using the Starter, Windows Versions 95/98 and ME can no longer be used; with Starter compatible to STEP7 from V5.1 SP1)

STEP7 V5.1

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