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SIMATIC S7-based Telecontrol via DNP3 Protocol

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The control station communicates with the outstations via Ethernet using the DNP3 telecontrol protocol.

Overview of the DNP3 protocol
DNP3 is a telecontrol protocol that enables the transmission of process data via serial or IP-based communication. This protocol has been standardized by the DNP Users Group and is often used in the water/waste water and energy distribution industries.

In contrast to IEC 60870-5 and SINAUT ST7 protocol, which are common in Europe, DNP3 is often used in the USA and Asia.

An important aspect of the DNP3 protocol is the high compatibility and interoperability between devices from different manufacturers.

Overview of the application example
Three outstations are connected to a control center. Various products from the SIMATIC portfolio are used.
 The outstations are available in 3 versions:

  • S7‑1500 with TIM 1531 IRC

  • S7‑1200 with CP 1243‑1

  • ET 200SP (based on S7-1500) with CP 1542SP‑1 IRC

The WinCC TeleControl software is installed at the control station, making the control station the DNP3 master.

The solution presented in this document offers you the following advantages:

  • Use of a standard DNP3 protocol.

  • Efficient and safe monitoring and control of process plants.

  • Homogeneous SIMATIC solution, as the SIMATIC portfolio offers software and hardware for DNP3 masters and outstations.

  • Connection to all standardized DNP3 master systems possible.

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