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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 87555124, Entry date: 01/31/2014

Delivery release: SIPLUS CMS4000 IFN AI-D

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The SIPLUS CMS4000 condition monitoring system is expanded by a modified interface node IFN ANALOGINPUT-DISTANCE (IFN AI-D). The IFN AI-D has an extended measurement rage for high-frequency sampling of voltage levels +/- 20 V.

Date for the Release for Delivery : 2013-12-10

The SIPLUS CMS4000 condition monitoring system is expanded by a modified interface node IFN ANALOGINPUT-DISTANCE (IFN AI-D). The IFN AI-D facilitates high-frequency sampling of voltage levels +/- 20 V, whereas the IFN ANALOGINPUT (IFN AI) can only sample voltage levels +/- 10 V.

Product description:
SIPLUS CMS4000 is a cost-favorable, modular, scalable analysis- and diagnostic-system. It is optimized for sampling and interpretation of analog and binary signals and numeric data. The system can be integrated in existing and new machines and plant components, reactionless. A reliable and easy connection of different signal sources is possible by standardized interfaces. With the possibility of intuitive programming and an extensive array of further software and hardware interface nodes (IFN) you will be able to create customized solutions.

The IFN AI-D represents a rugged interface node for SIPLUS CMS4000, for high frequency sampling of voltage with a range of +/- 20 V. The operation field for the IFN AI is permanent monitoring with high accuracy in extreme environment.
The IFN AI-D could record up to six analog input signals. The maximum sampling frequency is 192 kHz per channel. The nodes will be linked via bus system (IEEE1394), transfere rate up to 400 Mbps, to a higher lever industrial PC.

Differences to predecessor types:
The IFN AI-D has an extended measuring range for sampling of volatage with a range of +/- 20V compared to IFN AI with a measuring range of +/- 10V. The resolution of IFN AI-D is 1,22mV and of IFN AI is 0,61mV.

Functional dependencies on other products:
Precondition is X-Tools version 4 or higher.
(Article Number: 9AE4160-1AA00, distributed by I CS VS)

Typical application areas:
- Monitoring of sliding bearings via distance measurement
- High-performance data sampling
- Monitoring of wind power plants
- Analysis tasks in the field of condition monitoring
- Data acquisition / -management
- Basic product for services

Customer benefits:
- Permanent condition monitoring for protection of your engines
- Planned maintenance instead of spontaneous repair
- Increased availability of your plant
- Effective monitoring of plants and important processes

More information to SIPLUS CMS Condition Monitoring Systems are available at:


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