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How do you establish an S7 connection (server/client) between a LOGO! 0BA7 and an S7-300 CPU?

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This entry describes how to establish an S7 communication over PN/IE between a LOGO! 0BA7 and an S7-300 CPU.
This is a server connection. The LOGO! 0BA7 works as a server and the S7-300 CPU as a client.

Taking an example, the documentation describes in detail how to create and program a corresponding project.
Alternatively you can proceed as described below to download and commission programs for S7-300 and LOGO! 0BA7.
You must then ensure that the programs and hardware are changed according to your requirements.

Fig. 01

The documentation contains a detailed description of the project.

Documentation ( 2230 KB )

The download includes the "Serv_Kom_LOGO_S7300.zip" project.

Serv_Kom_LOGO_S7300.zip ( 226 KB )

  1. Copy the "Serv_Kom_LOGO_S7300.zip" file into a separate directory.
  2. Navigate to the "01_STEP7-Code" directory and unpack the "Serv_Kom_LOGO_S7300.zip" file.
  3. Establish a PN/IE (Ethernet) connection between LOGO! 0BA7 and S7-300 CPU as well as PG/PC.
  4. Start STEP 7 V5.X, open the Serv_Kom.s7p file and load the program into your S7-300 CPU.
  5. Navigate to the "02_LOGO-Code" directory.
  6. Start LOGO!Soft Comfort. Open the "Serv_Kom_LOGO_S7300.lsc" file and load it into your LOGO! 0BA7.
  7. Start the LOGO! 0BA7 and the S7-300. The data described in the documentation is now exchanged.

Further information
Information about the client connection LOGO! 0BA7 / S7-300 is available here on the page "Sample applications for LOGO!"
Information about establishing a connection between a LOGO! 0BA7 and an HMI panel is available in Entry ID 56348902.

Creation environment
The screens and downloads in this FAQ response were created with Windows 7, LOGO!Soft Comfort V7.1 and STEP 7 V5.5.

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