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Red cross in the OPC Scout Navigator

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What is the meaning of the red cross in the Navigator window of the OPC Scout?

The OPC client of SIMATIC Net (OPC Scout) provides the option of using the OPC Navigators to browse the address space of an OPC Server. Here, you get a display of the variables known to the OPC Server, i.e. which exist in its address space. If no variable has been defined as yet, then the corresponding icon is crossed out in red. You can define variables manually via "New Definition". These "Items" are entered in the address space of the server. When the OPC Server is connected again, these variables are then known and the red cross disappears. This is not an error but just the fact that there are not (yet) any variables known to the server.

The address space of an OPC Server is a hierarchical list of variable names. However, this does not mean that they can also be added (AddItems) or "productized". The syntax check of a variable is run only when the "AddItems" call is made.

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