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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 8796794, Entry date: 09/24/2001

CFC V5.2 + Service Pack 1 Now Available

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CFC V5.2 is now available including the Service Pack 1 (SP1). The software is multilingual
(German, English, French, Spanish and Italian) and is available on CD ROM as single license
(SL) and upgrade license (UG), incl. the electronic manuals.
The major additions and corrections are: Improved operator desktop when marking, pasting,
copying and cutting, variable width of the blocks and of the sheet bars, improved signal
follow-up, improved type import, improved printing from the SIMATIC Manager, as well as
improvements with back reading, change loading and with the plan reference data.
The Service Pack 1 is available on the Internet for upgrading (entry ID 8798111).

1. Additions, corrections, improved usability

The Service Pack 1 for CFC V5.2 contains the following additions and corrections:

  • Improved operator desktop
    • When pasting objects after copy/cut the objects are placed in the visible part of the screen.
    • The "Paste" menu now contains the additional commands "New Plan" and "New Text".
      This can be used to generate a new empty chart or to insert an empty text field
      at a specific automatically selected position.
    • The ESC key can be used to cancel markings (also multiple selections and flashing).
    • Sub-charts can be conveniently selected via registers in the lower half of the scroll bar.
  • Variable width of the blocks and of the sheet bars
    • Blocks
      The width of the blocks can be changed from "Wide" to "Narrow".
      This enables four blocks to be placed next to one another on the page, instead of three.
    • Sheet bars
      The width of the sheet bar (large fields) is variable. The width can be set to between 2 and 50 characters.
      This enables more blocks to be placed next to one another on a page.
  • Improved signal follow-up
    In a hirarchical chart a signal can be followed-up from the chart connection to the
    connection that is internally wired to this chart connection.
  • Type import: Number conflict
    If a block type is imported that already exists under the same object name (block no.,
    e.g. FB 61), but with a different symbolic name, the import dialog will no longer issue
    a Stop warning, but provide a dialog for the re-naming of the block (in line with the
    copying of blocks with identical object name in the SIMATIC Manager).
  • Jump from the value display
    If a line has been marked in the window of the value display, the menu command "Process > Go to > Chart"
    can be used to jump to the corresponding chart connection.
  • Printing from the SIMATIC Manager
    When printing charts while in the SIMATIC Manager, a preset can be made in the printing dialog of CFC,
    whether only the basic chart or also its complete subordinated (hirarchical) charts are to be printed.
    All settings of the CFC printing dialog are also applicable to printing from the SIMATIC Manager.
  • Readback
    The function "Plan > Readback " has been changed and improved at various points.
    This includes measures to prevent that invalid values are read back. In analogy to the
    "Compile" protocol, a "Readback" protocol is generated to indicate which
    connections were read back and where problems appeared. After readback a compiler
    run is automatically started for reasons of consistency.
  • Change loading: Compressing
    After each change loading an "Asynchronous compressing of the CPU" is triggered implicitly in the S7-300/400.
    After a subsequent change loading this measure will possibly prevent that warning or
    error mesages are generated because of insufficient memory space.
  • Plan reference data
    • Local data
      A list can be generated in the plan reference data to indicate all the OBs used
      in the program, with the calculated local data requirements and the
      configured local data dimensions (off-line and on-line). This information
      makes it easier to execute possible adaptations that may become necessary.
    • Statistics
      More statistical information is now available. All block instances of the
      current program relevant to Programmed Block Communication (PBC) are
      now recorded (this includes user blocks and the called blocks of a multi-
      instance block). In addition, all the PBC-relevant block instances used in the
      project and the max. no. of process objects that can be configured with this
      CFC license are displayed. This allows you to check in how far the CFC
      licenses are sufficient for your configuration.
  • Compiling and loading: Prevention of Stop causes
    CFC V5.1 + SP1 enables you to
    • set warning limits, which will give you early warning of possible stop causes when exceeded.
      The warning limits are set in the dialog field "Settings for compilation" for:
      Local data requirements, memory requirements and the max. no. of PBC blocks.
    • determine the local data requirement upon compilation and compare it to the
      quantity framework configured off-line. A warning message is issued when the
      warning limit or the absolut limit (100 %) are exceeded. A comparison is made
      during loading with the quantity framework of the actual CPU that has to be
      loaded. A warning message is issued if the warning limit is exceeded, with the
      offer to abort loading. If the absolute limit (100 %) is exceeded, an error
      message will be entered in the log and loading will be aborted.
    • check the memory requirements of the CPU during loading. A warning
      message is issued via a dialog field if the warning limit is exceeded, with the
      choice of compressing the CPU memory, continue loading, or abort loading.
      If loading is continued in spite of the warning message, loading will be aborted
      when the absolute limit is reached. This will not result in a CPU Stop, however.
    • check the nesting depth of the blocks in the OBs during compilation.
      The error message entered into the log when the max. nesting depth is
      exceeded now contains the complete call-up tree of the affected OB.
    • determine the max. no. of PBC block instances and compare it with the no.
      configured for this CPU (can be set in HW Config). If the warning limit or the
      absolute limit are exceeded, a log entry will be made.
      Upon loading, the no. of PBC instance DBs calculated during compilation is
      compared with the configured no. for the on-line CPU. A warning message is
      issued if the warning limit is exceeded, with the offer to abort loading.
      If the absolute limit is exceeded, an error message will be entered in the log and loading thus prevented.
    • check during comilation, whether the blocks OB_BEGIN and OB_END
      (or MSG_CSF in the previous driver concept) are included in the processing
      sequence and the prescribed processing sequence with the driver blocks has been adhered to.

2. Software and hardware prerequisites

Operating system

Windows 95/98, NT, 2000 and Me

PG/PC Hardware


Recommended main memory for the PG/PC

128 MB

Hard disk reqirements of the PG/PC

approx. 51 MB


V5.1 + SP1


V5.1 + SP1

3. Order No.'s

Order No.

Product Designation

6ES7 813-0CC05-0YX0

CFC V5.2 + SP1, single license (SL) incl. electronic documentation, 5 languages (G, E, F, Sp, I) on CD-ROM and authorization diskette

6ES7 813-0CC05-0YX4

CFC V5.2 + SP1, Upgrade (UG) to V5.2 ) incl. electronic documentation, 5 languages (G, E, F, Sp, I) on CD-ROM and authorization diskette

6ES7 813-0CC05-2YX0

CFC V5.2, Unlock Copy License (UCL)

6ES7 813-0CA01-0YX2

CFC, Software Update Service (SUS)

6ES7 813-0CC05-8AA0

CFC V5.2, manual (German)

6ES7 813-0CC05-8BA0

CFC V5.2, manual (English)

6ES7 813-0CC05-8CA0

CFC V5.2, manual (French)

4. Note concerning the Software Update Service (SUS)

Clients with a CFC Software Update Service (SUS) will receive the Service Pack 1 for CFC V5.2 free of charge.

The Service Pack 1 is also available on the Internet for free downloading under the entry ID 8798111.

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