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Service Tools TELEMASTER / Service-IBS V5.0.1

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For simple start-up of STEP7/CFC/D7-SYS projects you can use the service tools "TELEMASTER" and "Service-IBS".

You only need a standard windows95/98 PC for the both DOS utilities. A STEP7/CFC/D7-SYS installation is not nescessary.

For simple remote diagnostics a PC with installed "TELEMASTER" software is nescessary on the operator side and on the plant side.

Running notes

  1. Using with DOS and Windows 95/98
    Service-IBS/TELEMASTER are originally DOS programs, which are also running with Windows 95/98. The highest operating speed can be achieved when running with DOS.
  2. Using with Windows NT
    IBS/TELEMASTER are not released for Windows NT
    because correct function is depending on type of the PC/notebook which is used! If it is intended to use IBS/TELEMASTER with Windows NT, the user has to test them with the PC/notebook used. Other Window programs should not be active in that case.
  3. Working together with STEP 7/CFC
    If IBS/TELEMASTER should be used together with STEP 7/CFC on the same PC following has to be considered:
    a) Operating of IBS/TELEMASTER and CFC-testmode simultaneously in their related windows and working on the same COM serial interface of the PC is not possible!
    b) Starting the CFC-testmodus after closing IBS/TELEMASTER at the same COM serial interface is possible. If the starting sequence is the other way round, i.e. if the IBS/TELEMASTER has to be started after having left the CFC-testmodus, the PC has to be reseted and booted again before starting the IBS/TELEMASTER.
  4. Application module FM 458
    IBS/TELEMASTER are not released for the application module FM 458.
    If it is intended to use IBS/TELEMASTER with the application module FM 458, the user has to test them.

Start-up Tool Service-IBS V5.0.1
  ibs501.zip ( 804 KB ) ( 804 KB )

Remote Diagnostics and Start-up Tool TELEMASTER V5.0.1
  tele501.zip ( 804 KB ) ( 804 KB )


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