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SINAMICS S: Time synchronization between S7-300/400/1200/1500 and S120

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In contrast to S7-300/400 controllers, SINAMICS drives of the family S120 do not have a real time clock (RTC = "Real Time Clock") that continues to run when the drive is switched off.
After they have been powered up, SINAMICS S120 drives use as standard an internal time counter based on "Time since the device was switched on" (operating hours counter), for example, to "stamp" when alarms and warnings come and go.
For instance, if you want to make a correlation between the alarms of a S7-300/400 controller and a SINAMICS S120 drive, then it is advantageous if these messages are stamped with comparable times.
For this purpose, the time of a SINAMICS S120 can be synchronized with the real time clock of the S7-300/400.
After the synchronization of the clocks, the drive is changed to the alternative clock that runs in UTC format ("Universal Time Clock").

The time of a drive shall be synchronized with the real time clock of a controller.
After the synchronization of the clocks, the drive is changed to the alternative clock that runs in UTC format ("Universal Time Clock").

This application description explains the procedure of synchronizing the times between S7-300/400 controllers and SINAMICS S120 drives by application.
The appropriate approach is realized in the example project.

The solution described here offers you the following advantages:

  • Synchronization of the clocks of SIMATIC CPU and SINAMICS S120 drive by application.
  • Messages of the S7-300/400/1200/1500 and the SINAMICS S120 can be directly correlated.
  • No additional hardware necessary.


STEP 7 V5.5
SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400
  time synchronization (745,2 KB)

  time synchronization example (869,3 KB)

TIA Portal V13 SP1
SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500

Use the function block "LAcycCom_TRCSinamics" of LAcycCom library: 109479553

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