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How do you incorporate the current version of your Industrial Ethernet switch SCALANCE X in STEP 7 via GSDML?

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If the Industrial Ethernet switch SCALANCE X you are using is not listed in the hardware catalog, you can add the Industrial Ethernet switch SCALANCE X to the hardware catalog via the GSDML file.

Here you can always use the latest GSDML file even for earlier versions of the firmware. This entry describes the sources from which you can take the GSDML files and how to install the GSDML file in STEP 7 V15.

Download from the Online Support Portal
Entry ID 92275237 includes the download of the GSDML files for SCALANCE X-200 and SCALANCE X-200IRT.

Download from the device
Proceed as follows to download the GSDML file directly from your device:

  1. Open the Web Based Management and log on to the device.
  2. In the navigation area go to "System > Save & Load HTTP" and click "Save".
  3. Now you can save the GSDML file locally on your PC.

Installation in STEP 7 V15
Proceed as follows to install the GSDML file in STEP 7 V15 and add your Industrial Ethernet switch SCALANCE X to the hardware catalog:

  1. Open STEP 7 V15 in the Project View.
  2. Go to the menu "Options > Install general station description file (GSD)".
  3. Via the "Source path" you select the folder in which the GSDML file is located. STEP 7 V15 recognizes the file automatically.

    Fig. 1
  4. Select the recognized file and click the "Install" button. Now STEP 7 V15 installs the file.
  5. After successful installation (see Fig. 2) the hardware catalog is updated. Then you can incorporate the current devices in your project.

    Fig. 2 
  6. The installed GSDML file is located in the hardware catalog under "Other field devices > PROFINET IO > Network Components".

    Fig. 3 

Creation Environment
The screens and downloads in this FAQ response were created with STEP 7 V15.

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