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What should you watch out for when selecting the operating mode in conjunction with functional safety?

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When selecting the operating mode in conjunction with functional safety there are often questions about what you should watch out for in this case. What aspects of selecting the operating mode concern functional safety at all? Questions such as these can best be answered using practical examples and also include statutory requirements and compliance with standards.

The operating mode selection is an elementary component of each machine or plant. In the case of safety-related applications, each operating mode can harbor the potential risk of endangering the personnel. The aim of implementing the operating mode selection with respect to functional safety is that each operating mode as such fulfills the corresponding safety requirements.

This poses the question as to which requirements are to be fulfilled for the operating mode selection:

  • Is the operating mode selection a safety measure in itself or does it influence the safety functions?
  • What are the requirements that result for the components of the operating mode selection and how are these to be considered under the aspects of functional safety?

The document below addresses these questions and using practical examples demonstrates in this respect how statutory requirements are fulfilled and standards are complied with.

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TÜV Report (99.4 KB)

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