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How do you download the 3D, CAx and ePLAN data for the SIMATIC products?

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You can use the CAx download manager to access the latest product data for your CAD or CAE system.

The technical data includes the dimension drawings for a range of products. Use the CAx download manager if you need further information.

The Siemens global support database provides you quickly and simply with the latest information about the 3D, CAx and ePLAN data. Depending on the availability of the products, you can download the following data:

  • 2D dimension drawings and 3D models
  • Connection diagrams and data sheets
  • EPLAN macro files
  • unit wiring diagrams
  • Manuals or operating instructions
  • Characteristic curves, product photos, certificates and product master data.

CAD / CAE data is available for most of our article numbers via the CAx Download Manager:

We recommend proceeding as follows to download the CAx data of the SIMATIC products:

 1. Under "Navigation" you click "CAx data".
 2. You need a free account to proceed with the next steps. Enter your logon data and click "Log on".
 3. This is followed by information about data protection and export controls that you have to agree to. Then click "Continue".
 4. After successful logon you get a display of the drop-down icons next to the texts as shown in Fig. 1. Open the "CAx data" folder and click "CAx download manager".

Fig. 1 
  5. Enter the article number for the required product. For this, in the CAx download manager you click "New".

Fig. 2
  6. In the dialog "CAx - new download" you click the "Add/load product number(s)" button.

Fig. 3
  7. Now enter the article number or product number for the product and confirm with "OK".

Fig. 4
 8. If you have entered multiple products, you can choose how many elements you want to have displayed per page. Then click "Continue" to open the dialog for selecting the CAx data types.
  9. Here you choose the document types you want (Fig. 5). Then click "Continue".

Fig. 5
  10. In the next dialog you select the options for your documents (languages, characteristic curve types, ...) and then click "Continue".
 11. In the next step your document types are listed for the products you have chosen. At the top in the "CAx download" field you enter a name for your download and click the "Create CAx download" button.

Fig. 6
 12. A system test is then run for your export job and you receive the message informing you that your job is being created in the CAx download manager. Click the "To the CAx download manager" button. The download is now displayed in the download manager with the status "Waiting". The waiting time can last up to several minutes.
 13. Upon completion of the test the status switches from "Waiting" to "Completed" and the download is released. Now you can download your data.

You can also make the download later on or add more products. For each product you get a message informing you how long the download is available.

Fig. 7

If, in some cases, only one insufficient download could be created, this is because we do not have all the data for those particular products. We thank you for your understanding.

If you cannot complete the download or the steps given in the instructions, get in touch with the webmaster mailbox.

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