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SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0 Released for Ordering and Delivery

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The SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0 enables testing and commissioning of the project-specific application software in a partly virtual system. It enables users to begin system tests at an early stage of the project and helps to significantly reduce the commissioning times. The characteristics of the field equipment and the technology of the production equipment can be mapped and simulated in realtime or virtual time. Either a real or a virtual automation system can be used for the control.

Upgrades are available for SIMIT V7.0 and SIMIT V7.1 to SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0. Projects based on SIMIT V7.1/V7.0 can be reused with SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0. Together with the release of SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0, SIMIT V7.1 will be declared a phased-out product. The end of supply of SIMIT V7.1 is planned for September 30, 2015.

1 User Benefits

  • Testing of the actual automation project
  • Enhanced quality of the automation configuration
  • Reduced commissioning times and risiks due to pretests
  • No simulation configuration in the automation project

2 Areas of application

SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0 supports two types of virtual commissioning:

  • Software in the loop: pretest without real system
    If the SIMIT Simulation Framework is coupled to the simulation software S7 PLCSIM, the automation function can be pretested in the technical office without the real hardware - from sensor via the automation system and back to the actuator. The application program is uploaded in SIMATIC Manager without any changes into the virtual automation system "S7 PLCSIM" and started. It receives the simulated I/O signals via the PLCSIM coupling from the SIMIT Simulation Framework.
  • Hardware in the loop: Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
    In a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) the application program is loaded to the actual automation system. The SIMIT Simulation Framework simulates the I/O signals as well as the instrumentation and field devices. The simulation values are transferred as message frames over the hardware interfaces (Simulation Units) to the automation systems. If the SIMIT Simulation Framework also simulates the technological characteristics of the plant, the FAT becomes a system test. On a virtual model the commissioning can already start in an early project phase.

3 Product Information

3.1 General Product Features

The SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0 will run on a modern notebook or desktop computer with Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate (32/64 Bit), as well as on virtual systems (VMware ESXi Server V5.1). It is flexible to use and can can be integrated into the production automation with SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC WinCC, or the process automation with SIMATIC PCS 7 via open interfacese. Since the models can be calculated in realtime, the SIMIT Simulation Framework can be coupled to the actual automation hardware (hardware in the loop). By virtualization of the automation system with the emulation software S7-PLCSIM, a "Software in the loop" test is also possible.

In general, the connection to the actual automation systems is effected over PROFIBUS DP or PROFINET IO. Simulation units simulate the devices on PROFIBUS DP/PROFINET IO in this case. However, with a PRODAVE coupling the MPI/DP or the IE interface of the automation system can also be used for the process data traffic with SIMIT Simulation Framework (requirement: PRODAVE driver V6.1; not included with the delivery).

Further simulation models can also be coupled to SIMIT Simulation Framework:

  • Data exchange over standardized interfaces such as OPC and Shared Memory
  • Synchronization over the Remote Control interface

The simulation is based on the abstraction on three different levels:

  • Field equipment, signals:
    Establishment of the signal coupling by import of the symbol table or a list of signal names
  • Field equipment, devices:
    Simulation of the devices with files of the Import/Export assistent, Control Module (CM) files (SIMATIC PCS 7) or suitable Microsoft Excel files (SIMATIC S7), together with templates from the basic library
  • Technology of the production plant
    Simulation of the characteristics with elements from the additive libraries (FLOWNET, CONTEC) or self created components and templates

3.2 Product Versions

With three software packages graded in functionality and scope, the SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0 can be adapted to the individual requirements:

  • SIMIT Simulation Framework Standard with
    • Portal view with Workflow Management for the creation of the simulation project
    • Standard component library
    • 3D Viewer based on VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language)
    • Interfaces for PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO and PRODAVE
    • Trends and alarms (TME)
    • Scripting environment
    • Editor for the creation of macro components (MCE)
    • Editor for the creation of dynamic charts and animations (DGE)
    • Automatic Control Interface (ACI)
    • Automatic generation of signal lists from the SIMATIC Manager data
    • Runtime for the components developed with SIMIT Simulation Framework Ultimate.
  • SIMIT Simulation Framework Professional
    Performance scope of SIMIT Simulation Framework Standard, plus:
    • S7-PLCSIM, OPC and Remote Control interfaces
    • Change of the simulation model during runtime
    • Engineering efficiency for SIMATIC PCS 7 (SMD)
    • Automatic generation of the actuator/sensor level on the basis of templates/typicals
  • SIMIT Simulation Framework Ultimate
    Performance scope of SIMIT Simulation Framework Professional, plus:
    • Shared Memory interface as high-performance coupling
    • XML interface for automatic generation of models and connections
    • Development environment for own components (CTE)

3.3 Software for Simulation Units (previously "SIMBA")

In contrast to SIMIT V7.1, the software of the PROFIBUS and PROFINET interfaces (Simulation Unit software) is not integrated in the installation software SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0. The software is delivered together with the Simulation Unit. If SIMIT V7.0 or SIMIT V7.1 are to be upgraded to SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0, the existing Simulation Unit software must also be upgraded. This upgrade is free of charge.

You can order the current Simulation Unit software for your existing Simulation Unit hardware via the following E-Mail address:


4 Compatibility in combination with other products/systems

SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0 can be employed in combination with:

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 V7 and V8
  • TIA Portal SIMATIC STEP 7 V11 and V13
  • SIMATIC STEP 7 V5.4 and V5.5

5 Information material

Catalog information on SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0 will shortly be made available in the Industry Mall:

  • from June 2014 in German
  • from July 2014 in English

6 Ordering Information

6.1 Ordering Data SIMIT Simulation Framework V8.0

Note: The texts of the following ordering data have been abbreviated.

Product Name Article Number
SIMIT Software packages
SIMIT Simulation Framework Standard V8.0 6DL5260-0AX08-0YA5
SIMIT Simulation Framework Professional V8.0 6DL5260-0BX08-0YA5
SIMIT Simulation Framework Ultimate V8.0 6DL5260-0CX08-0YA5
Additive libraries
SIMIT Simulation Framework FLOWNET Library V8.0 6DL5260-1AX08-2YB5
SIMIT Simulation Framework CONTEC Library V8.0 6DL5260-1BX08-2YB5
Demo software
SIMIT Simulation Framework Demo version V8.0 6DL5260-0AX08-0YT8
Software Update Service (SUS)
SIMIT Software Update Service Standard 6DL5260-0AX00-0YL8
SIMIT Software Update Service Professional 6DL5260-0BX00-0YL8
SIMIT Software Update Service Ultimate 6DL5260-0CX00-0YL8
SIMIT Upgrades from V7.1 to V8.0
SIMIT Simulation Framework Upgrade Standard from V7.1 to V8.0 6DL5260-0AX08-0YE5
SIMIT Simulation Framework Upgrade Professional from V7.1 to V8.0 6DL5260-0BX08-0YE5
SIMIT Simulation Framework Upgrade Ultimate from V7.1 to V8.0 6DL5260-0CX08-0YE5
SIMIT Upgrades from V7.0 to V8.0
SIMIT Simulation Framework Upgrade Standard from V7.0 to V8.0 6DL5260-0AX08-0YF5
SIMIT Simulation Framework Upgrade Professional from V7.0 to V8.0 6DL5260-0BX08-0YF5
SIMIT Simulation Framework Upgrade Ultimate from V7.0 to V8.0 6DL5260-0CX08-0YF5
SIMIT Simulation Units
Simulation Unit PROFIBUS, 2-channel 1) 9AE4122-1AA00
Simulation Unit PROFIBUS, 4-channel 1) 9AE4122-1AB00
Simulation Unit PROFIBUS, 8-channel 1) 9AE4122-1AC00
Simulation Unit PNIO for 128 PROFINET IO Devices 1) 9AE4120-1AA00
Simulation Unit PNIO for 256 PROFINET IO Devices 1) 9AE4120-1AB00
SIMIT Consulting
(agreement for consultation on a daily basis, customer-specific training)

1) In your order please enter the remark: "For use with SIMIT V8.0!"

7 Customer Support

Siemens offers service & support for any project phase: From planning to commissioning to maintenance and modernization. An overview of the complete range of services is available on the Internet:

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A clearly arranged entry page into the Industry Online Support for SIMATIC PCS 7 enables you to easily find technical information and solutions:

http://www.siemens.de/industry/onlinesupport/pcs7 (German)
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