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SINUMERIK 810D/840D: Data backup with WIN-Interlnk and Win-Intersrv

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How can data backup with Win-Interlnk/-Intersrv be performed in the MMC103?



  • MMC103 and target computers are connected via the printer port PLT1 with a parallel cable (laplink).
  • BIOS settings for the parallel port are set to "BiDirectional," "EPP," or "ECP."

Overview of functions

Function Tool
Backup / restore with Norton Ghost Win-Interlnk on the Field PG
File transfer Win-Interlnk on the Field PG
Update Win-Intersvr on the Field PG

Important information about Win-Interlnk
After termination of the link with Win – interlnk, the connected drives are removed with "Remove All Redirected Drives" and reconnected with "Install Redirected Drive." This is necessary because after connection errors, no synchronization of the drives is performed. On connecting the drives with Win – Interlink, a window may appear with "Run with ...“ The reason for this is that the connected drives are seen as USB devices. This can also be set via the settings in the operating system.
(For a short time) a so-called "AutoPlay" dialog box will appear, which can be ignored.
The drives also have to be removed via "Remove All ..." if the "Server" is changed, that is, a different control is connected to the external PC.

Important information on Win – Intersvr
For Win-Intersvr, a drive must be available on the XP computer with the FAT16 file system. This can also be an external drive (e.g. USB drive or USB memory stick). On the dual-boot PGs, drive C: is formatted in FAT16. For programming devices, option "SIMATIC PC/PG Image & Partition Creator" is available, a tool, with which an additional FAT16 partition can be set up on a Field PG or a Power PG. (For ordering, you will find this option under accessories in the configurator for SIMATIC Field / Power PG).
While Win-Intersvr is in use, the released drive is blocked for access by other applications.

Data backup with Ghost
Data backup of the MMC/PCU software, can be performed with NORTON Ghost Vers. 6.01. Booting with an emergency boot disk is then no longer necessary.
NORTON Ghost must no longer be started on the PC / PG.

The deviations from Ghost data backup according to the documentation are now described below.

  • Win – Intersvr must be started on the PC / PG and the FAT16 drive, to which the Ghost data backup is to be backed up, must be selected (see also User – Manual Win – Intersvr).
  • Only should the MMC103 or PCU50 be started.
  • Connection to the the selected drive of the PC / PG is automatic.
  • Via the Service menu, you now go to menu item Backup /Restore.
  • As the "Connection Mode," "LOCAL" must be set here, not as stated in the description.
  • As the path specified for the backup image, the connected drive must be specified (e.g. E:\MMC103.GHO).
  • Start the intersvr software on the PG.
  • Reboot MMC103, Interlink connects. Under WIN95, you can see the FAT 16 drive.
  • Under WIN or DOS, start the Ghost and create Ghost or Restore.

The path must have a gray background, otherwise no connection results.

Security information
In order to protect technical infrastructures, systems, machines and networks against cyber threats, it is necessary to implement – and continuously maintain – a holistic, state-of-the-art IT security concept. Siemens’ products and solutions constitute one element of such a concept. For more information about cyber security, please visit
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