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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 902013, Entry date: 03/12/2008

How can you use an English operating system with a German keyboard without having to worry about the z and y keys?

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You have installed an English operating system on your computer. Upon installation it was assumed that you are using an American keyboard. However, you want to use a German keyboard. This leads problems when logging on and above all when entering the password. You must make sure that you use the z key instead of the y key and vice versa. Once you have logged on, you can create your own configuration with the correct keyboard definition. This is however not possible before logging on. To do that, you must change an entry in the Registry.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Start > Run, enter "regedit"
  2. Search the key:
    HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload
  3. Select the entry "1" and specify the value "00000407"
  4. Acknowledge with OK.
  5. Restart WinNT.

With the English keyboard entry "1" has the value "00000409".

Basically, no warranty can be given for direct changes in the registry database, because this is entirely the responsibility of the user. In any case it is recommended to make a back-up of the registry before proceeding as described below. Furthermore, these settings are computer-specific. This means that when copying the project to another computer, the settings have to be made again.

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