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SINUMERIK 810D/840D: Activating an offset (frame) in the NC-RESET or NC-STOP state

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How can offsets in the RESET or STOP state be immediately displayed and/or activated on the HMI screen?

The position-independent temperature compensation value is defined using SD43900 $SA_TEMP_COMP_ABS_VALUE. This value should be entered, dependent on the actual temperature of the PLC (user program).

The precondition for this function is the temperature compensation option with order number 6FC5251-0AA13-0AA0. The option incurs a license fee and can be purchased through your local SIEMENS office.

Procedure to activate the function

  1. Activate the temperature compensation option.
  2. Enter the value via machine data SD 43900 $SA_TEMP_COMP_ABS_VALUE (temperature compensation value independent of the position).
  3. The PLC should enter the value into the user program.
  4. As soon as the temperature compensation independent of the position is active, then the machine axis additionally traverses through this required compensation value.

MD 32750 $MA_TEMP_COMP_TYPE is used to activate the temperature compensation type effective for the machine axis. Values 1 or 3 can be used.

For the temperature compensation type, a distinction is made between the following types:
0: No temperature compensation active
1: Temperature compensation independent of the position active (compensation value with SD43900 $SA_TEMP_COMP_ABS_VALUE)
2: Temperature compensation dependent on the position active (compensation value with SD43910 $SA_TEMP_COMP_SLOPE and SD43920 $SA_TEMP_COMP_REF_POSITION)
3: Position-dependent and position-independent temperature compensation active
(compensation values with SD corresponding to types 1 and 2).

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